Pick Me Up/Pamper Night

I know I’m not alone when I need those nights where you just lounge/soak/veg… well this was one of those nights so I thought I would share what it is I do with you….

First of… I should start by saying I was so tired from lack of sleep as my little lad was so hot in the weather he didn’t sleep… then I spent the whole day in pain with my coccyx and doing my wifely duties (haha I know… I didn’t do the last one)

I started off by running a bath, grabbing Lush Twilight and plopping that in the bath. I took my make up off and chucked my favourite Elemis Lavender Repair Mask on my chin and put some eye masks on. 

I didn’t need to wash my hair this night or do my nails so I could proper chill in the bath and watch PLL… (literally just started and now hooked!)

I always find having an exfoliate and shave makes me feel like my life is pieced together. Once out the bath I rinsed my mask off and finished my skincare routine.

I then made sure I moisturised EVERYWHERE, I have been loving my Champneys Relaxing Lavender body soufflé, it’s so comforting and lightly scented. I put on some clean pjs, grabbed a blanket. James had settled Jake so we snuggled up in bed and watched the rest of Riverdale… I just waited for him to drift off so I could put PLL back on 😂

What do you do when you’re in need of a pamper? Always looking for new ways to relax. XOXO

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

I have seen reviews on this hot cloth cleanser a few times and because I am so dedicated to my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish I just never went and bought it. Well I finally bought it after Debra Bow did a review and I really don’t regret it. The first point I should make is the Superdrug hot cloth cleanser was £4.99 for 200ml compared to the LE C&P which is £28 for 200ml… I thought why not give it a go!

The smell is totally different but I find the texture the same. The smell of the vitamin E one is so delicate it’s great for those days you don’t fancy any fragrances around. I find it isn’t as strong as the cleanse and polish, if I get distracted by my lad half way through cleaning my face with Liz Earle my face will be red, that’s if I leave it on for a minute or so!

In terms of make up removal I do find I need to use an eye make up remover with the vitamin E one but not with Liz Earle. My skin feels so smooth after using this though and although I need to remove my eye make up I generally do anyway as don’t like mascara all over my face. I think once I have used my Liz Earle one up I will just buy the Superdrug one, I can’t justify spending an extra £23 on a cleanser I can get for £5 which in my opinion is just as good.. and some places better!

If you have used this cleanser I want to hear what you think 🙂 XO

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 

I am going to start with… Wow… I absolutely love this face mask. It’s a pricey mask at £31. I first used this in January at a spa and I was hooked.

This is a creamy texture and goes on really smoothly. I only use a thin layer as my skin is a little sensitive at times. It contains Lavender which I find really helps calm my skin when it’s a bit angry and hormonal.

Of course it being lavender it’s really relaxing and I love using this just before getting in the bath or before bed, finish off with some facial oil and I’m all set for bed. It’s also great if I have an extra 20 minutes in the morning if I have woken up with some beasts haha.

If you are in a treat yo’ self mood definitely give this a go 🙂 xo

Our Wedding Day

Writing the title of this post still gives me butterflies, I can’t quite believe we are actually married. J and I met when we were 16 when we worked in a sandwich shop together. A few years later we got in touch again! Now 7 years later we have a 4 year old and a mortgage. 

Here are a few pictures from the day… I’ll stop rambling haha. 

I wanted to put all 259 in haha but I thought I would just do 17! XOXO

My Bridal Makeup

So… I am now officially married, I am a Mrs! I thought I would share what products I wore on my face on my wedding day. I did my makeup myself as I don’t like anyone else touching my face (unless its a facial!)

I started with having clean and moisturised skin, I then used the L’Oreal Infallible primer, I let this set for 10 minutes. I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20, I trust this foundation and know it lasts.

The concealer I went for on the day was the MAC Studio Finish in NC20, this stays put and doesn’t crease under the eyes.

To finish the base I used the Rimmel powder, this is amazing!! I used this for touchups during the day too and it really helped to keep everything in place and didn’t cake one bit.

The bronzer/contour I chose was Nars Laguna, this is my favourite and I couldn’t imagine using anything else on my wedding day. I used Benefit Benetint on my cheeks as a tint, this lasts longer than a blusher and doesn’t have any shimmer in.

In my brows I used the MAC Brow Duo in blonde with the Tropic stencil, and fixed it with the Pixi brow gel. Brows was the one thing I was really worried about with my wedding make up, I didn’t want to look too much but also didn’t want to look like I hadn’t touched them so the girlies on the morning helped me with those.

On my eyes I went for the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette, I just love this and know the shades look nice. I started with putting Heaven all over, and blended Nude into the crease, and a mixture of Silk Teddy and HoneyPot to the lid. I then ran Sexspresso along the top lash line and a smidge of Nude along the bottom lash line. Mascara I used was the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll in black… and Waterproof obviously, I love this mascara and as I don’t like false eyelashes I really didn’t need them with this mascara.

On the lips I used MAC Creme Cup, although this isn’t the most boldest colour I felt safe and I wanted ‘something’ there. I did forget to keep touching it up though haha.

To completely finish the look I used Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – this stuff does not get enough praise it is incredible!! And well worth the money in my opinion.

Phew…. I feel like I have been writing forever…and you probably noticed I didn’t clean any of the make up before taking photos…I used most of it seconds before taking the pictures haha. Hope you enjoyed this…! XO

May Glossy Box

I always feel every month its a battle of the boxes between GB and LF boxes. I didn’t post about the April Glossy box last month, there were some good products but I just didn’t want to post about it but this month I wanted to share my thoughts.

If you saw my Look Fantastic May review, then you’d know I got this product, Scrub Love, but a different scent.. this is Cucumber and Bamboo, is activated charcoal, and claims to be cleansing, purifying and detoxifying. I love love love the coconut and cranberry one so I have high hopes for this too.

-417 foot nourishing cream, I love a foot cream and this smells super nice and not the traditional foot cream smell. Looking forward to using this next time I do a pedicure on myself (due one just before the wedding haha)

PawPaw Original Balm, I have seen this on various blog posts, videos and tweets so really happy this is in this month’s box. I used it on my lips straight away and made them so soft! It says it can be used for the lips, skin, hair and nails etc. It’s also fragrance free. This is an awesome sized sample too.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy diamond top coat…. I always need a top coat so will get use out of this. Hopefully it’ll be good to help with chipping.

And last but not least Ruby Blush, there’s no shade name on this but says Coral on the leaflet inside the box, it’s a matte peach which makes a nice change from the shimmery peaches I own. It’s quite chalky but pigmented.

So overall, it’s not a bad box! XO


May Look Fantastic Beauty Box

I am always so excited to open the LF Beauty box! I think this will be a subscription I carry on once its run out, although I do want to switch to a beauty box that is cruelty free. I know I have said in my Q&A MAC is my favourite make up brand but it is only because I haven’t found a foundation that is cruelty free that comes close. If you have recommendations for a CF beauty box please let me know. Anyway that said this is what I got in this months box……

Prepare yourself as this is a good one… I haven’t tried the products yet but so excited to try them and perhaps do individual reviews but these are my first impressions and thoughts.


I  was happy to see a scrub instead of another sheet mask haha…. this is the Scrub Love Hydrating Coconut oil body scrub!! Now I love coconut oil and I love a scrub, I am really excited to try this as it claims to be deeply penetrating, skin brightening and anti oxidant rich.


This had me with Quick Treat, It is an innovative microfibres.. I assume a cloth… it claims to remove make up with only water… I am not sure whether to save this for the wedding night… I am hoping the Prosecco would of flowed and I won’t be bothered to cleanse and tone etc.


Nu Face Prep and Glow, there was nothing about this in the magazine so a little confused to what this is. It says it cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates. It says it is a textured cleansing cloth, so quite keen to try this. Again I may save this for the wedding night as I will have a lot of make up on.


Mellow Baked Eyeshadow, if you saw my eyeshadow post you will see this colour is right up my alley!! Looking forward to trying this and think it could possibly double up as a highlighter.


Real Chemistry Luminous 3 minute peel, bit nervous about trying this as smells like those little shower gels you get in hotels, but it says to massage into the face for 2-3 minutes and dead skin will come off on your hands… sounds disgusting yet satisfying!


James Read Gradual Tan H2O mist, this is like a face spritzer but also gives you a gradual tan! Genius idea.. just hope it doesn’t go on patchy! Will definitely keep you up to date on this one.


System Professional Solar Sun Oil, this is a luxurious hair protection oil, this is really interesting as always so worried in the sun that my hair will get more damaged, I lather on the SPF but my poor hair is left to the elements… I am not a hat person so think this will be ideal for summer.

I am certainly happy with this months box!! I need to collect my Glossybox and see how it compares this month. XOXO