Pastel Elixir (mini) Haul

Pastel Elixir (mini) Haul

Ok so not the biggest of hauls I know but I am so impressed with the quality of the products I bought that I really wanted to share it with you. 

I found Pastel Elixir on Twitter after seeing a tweet, I really wanted to support a smaller business and I am so glad I did as the products are so affordable and cute. 

So here is what I bought….. 

Two thank you cards, because I always need a stash of those! A cute unicorn bookmark that I have been using for my journal, an Easter card for Jacob for next year, my mums Mother’s Day card (sorry mum haha you’ve seen it now), I love you Cherry much card, which I thought was so cute, I will give that to James at some point…. the last card is a mini elephant card, this is being saved for something and someone very special. Last but not least a little notebook that says “always wear your invisible crown” I am going to use this little book to take notes at a monthly event I’ll be attending starting in November. 

I am really chuffed with what I bought. When I placed my order I was advised the bits would be sent later than usual due to a holiday which was fine with me obviously! Thought it was so lovely of them to let me know that, amazing customer service. 

The packaging was also very personal and was a lovely touch… 

Inside the little package was also a little sherbet stick and a sticker, which is super cute for Halloween. 

So thank you Pastel Elixir, I will certainly be ordering more soon! 

If you are looking for any cards, notebooks, artwork or little bits definitely check them out here

Bit of a random post from me I know…. and just want to say this post isn’t sponsored in any way. I bought the products with my own money and I genuinely love them. XO

Q & A Part 2

Q & A Part 2

Just a quick one from me this week. I have been proper manic this last week and as much as I don’t want to let my blog down… I literally don’t have time to write so thought I’d do a little Q&A. 

  • If you could move anywhere in the world where would you go? New York 100% 
  • If you should choose any language to be instantly fluent in, which would you choose? Spanish 🙂
  • If you could be best friends with any Disney character who would it be? Anna from Frozen! She’s fresh prince of hilar! 
  • If you could go on holiday with any F1 driver, dead or alive, who would you choose? Ayrton Senna without a doubt!! 
  • If you could be some one else for a day. Who would it be and why? I was going to say something political but thought best not haha… I would be anyone rich and give loads of money to charity. 
  • What are your guilty pleasures? Chocolate and Brie (not together lol) 
  • What’s on the top of your bucket list? I haven’t really thought of a bucket list for a long time but going to New York with Jacob is something I’ve promised him as soon as he’s a bit older to remember. 
  • Where was your favourite holiday too? When I was younger it was Gran Canaria with my family. Spending quality time with them is my favourite and I have so many memories from those holidays. 
  • Would you rather: Wear bright green lipstick every day for a month or throw out all of the foundation you own? 🙊 throw my foundation out… I would cry though haha!! 
  • What food could you never give up? Chinese, cheese, chocolate and bread. 
  • What was the biggest make up faux-pas that you committed when you were younger? White eyeliner.., my god!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this and learnt something new haha XO 

Autumn Make Up

Autumn Make Up

My favourite season is finally upon us and oh my… I get so excited! Christmas is getting SO close!

I like to wear more make up in Autumn and the no make up make up looks can take a step back! I have been loving The Ordinary Serum Foundation and a review will be up shortly, but now it is Autumn I like something a little heavier and I am in love with the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, it isnt mega heavy but it gives a nice coverage with the concealer. A perfect mix… pardon the pun haha.

Autumn to me is all about berry lips.. patted out obviously because, well, its me. Mac Rebel will always be a firm favourite. Been loving a few other lip choices too but Rebel is my go to Autumn shade. Rocketeur by Benefit is a staple for this time of year too! Along with Urban Decay Half Baked and Naked in the crease and lower lashline. Nars Laguna is always in my make up routine so no surprise there.

I think this is such a perfect simple Autumnal look, can be made heavier and can be made softer depending on my mood but golds and berries are the way forward for me, a bit like dresses, tights and ankle boots.

I prime every day and use a setting spray too but trying a few out so didnt want to include those.

What are your Autumn staples? XO

Fudge Toning Shampoo 

Fudge Toning Shampoo 

I love me a silverising shampoo, I used the Provoke silver shampoo for years… YEARS, however I noticed my hair was so dry after using it and would have to deep condition more after using it. I decided to pick this toner up when I bought the Make-a-mends shampoo and conditioner (still so in love with that!!)

This is brilliant though, I didnt include it with my Fudge Haircare post as I hadn’t given it a good enough test. Now I have and it is so good. Not only smells amazing but it is moisturising which is incredible for a toner. I leave this on for 3 minutes as notice my hair goes a little silver if I leave it on any longer. I use this all over including my roots, even though I have like a balayage type style so my natural hair colour is at the root. I find this shampoo blends and helps the transition to the highlights.

I use this once a week usually when I have my weekly pamper, feels like a treat not a chore with this toner. It is quite messy if you’re not careful and it is important to wash it out until the water runs clear.

Have you tried this toner? Or do you use one that you would recommend?? XO


My Boy has Started School..

My Boy has Started School..

Ahh.. I can’t believe I can even say my boy has started school!! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. Jacob started last Wednesday and I am so proud of him! He looks incredibly cute in his uniform..

He seems very proud in his uniform and he has gone for 3 mornings so far. He was very content and was quite happy when we started to walk away. I left… and was emotional (obviously!) but didn’t cry haha! James has been off too so could do the school run with me haha.. all about support and all that jazz. The first morning my friend and I went for breakfast while James did a tip run so time went quickly.

After Jacobs first day we went for cake and the park… and he was exhausted that evening…

But day three and he was still skipping to school… yay!

Jacob wont start full time until October so they ease them in really gently, not like when I started school… chuck us in and get on with it haha! That was a very long time ago though.

My little guy was so ready for school, he has loads of energy, eager to learn and asks so many questions. I try and do things with him at home and upped this a lot over the summer holidays to get him prepared, even little things like putting his own socks on. He was a bit lazy before which is my fault as he is my baby and I always wanted to help him, luckily he can now get himself dressed. Its like he is growing up so quick…. (I am not crying…honest… lol)

I had a few concerns though, like what if he gets upset, what if he wants the toilet and needs help etc, just little things I didnt need to worry about as the school/teachers are incredible and Jake can use the toilet at home without trouble so really is just irrational thinking.

Anywho… I know this isnt my usual post but I really wanted to share and something for Jacob to look back on when he’s older! XO

No Make-up Make-up

No Make-up Make-up

Who doesn’t love a no make up look? I love the full glam look, which I rarely rock as I just can’t be bothered unless I am going out and even then it is pretty minimal.

This is a look however I rock quite a bit because it takes about 5 minutes and perfect for the school run and perfect for when I was working.. and for Summer in general as not much to slip and slide about.

I start off by applying some Healthy Mix Concealer under my eyes, on my chin, bridge of my nose and a smidge inbetween my slugs.. oops I mean eyebrows. I blend that in with a buffing brush. I blend Nars Laguna in a 3 shape over my face just to make my face look alive. Bit of the Mac brow duo in blonde through my brows, Benefit They’re Real mascara in brown and finish up with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream… or my Lottie London lip balm but post on those soon!! (spoiler… they’re amazing).

Probably my shortest post ever but love this make up look and one of my all time low maintenance looks.

What are you no make up make up tips? XO

Interview with Brighton Girl Problems

Interview with Brighton Girl Problems

Let me start by saying I can’t believe I actually get to write this blog post. If someone had told me 4 years ago that I would get to interview Miss BGP I would have told them to leave and shut the front door on their way out.

A little about BGP in case you have been under a rock…. Brighton Girl Problems started as an anonymous Twitter account just over 4 years ago which mainly had hilarious tweets regarding men, sex, nights out… and fashion (leggings and dresses still make me think of her). With the Twitter account also came a blog which offered advice and over time beauty reviews and life have become a huge part of BGP. I have been a fan from day one so doing this is a huge deal for me.

Here are a few questions I personally wanted to know….

1) What inspired you to become an anonymous blogger/twitter account?

I’ve always loved writing and coming up with funny little one liners, and it had been on my mind for a long time, so I decided to bite the bullet and do it! I just didn’t want to put a face to a name, I felt like I could be more daring and funnier and an everyone’s girl by being anonymous!

2) Have you regretted it and has it affected any of your relationships?

I’ve never regretted starting my blog or being anonymous – starting BGP is hands down the best decision I’ve ever made in my life and I thank the Lord for it everyday. I don’t regret being anonymous either, I think that’s why it took off as much as it did. Yes, it has affected relationships, or one relationship really, but I feel like that’s their problem not mine. He would see funny, crude tweets about him and get annoyed at me rather than see the funny side sometimes, but I’m with someone now who thinks its funny when I tweet about our arguments or how he’s annoyed me!

3) I have followed you from day one and seen your content change over time with more opportunities etc but what is the best thing to have come from it for you?

Thank you! Hmm… There’s been so many amazing opportunities I never thought I’d have! Writing for Blogosphere Magazine was incredible, and working with some truly brilliant brands – there’s also probably the best thing that’s come from it which is a secret at the moment!

4) There has been some negativity towards you at times, I always love how you respond to them but does it ever bother you?

Oh god no. I don’t care. It’s their problem not mine! Maybe if I’m ever not anonymous I’ll care more as it’s more of a personal target but I couldn’t care less about the hate. I find it funny and there’s so many supportive people who follow me that it makes the negativity so unimportant!

5) Moving on to beauty… what’s your top 5 make up staples?

Primark HD mascara – cheap as chips and makes your lashes look amazing. Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation, I’ve used it for ages and it gives a perfect dewy, yet medium flawless coverage look. Laura Mercier translucent setting powder – I’ve used it for years and it creates such an airbrushed look. Urban decay naked concealer, it covers absolutely everything. MAC Soar Lip liner, again I’ve used it for years and it makes your lips look the perfect natural pink, and it’s so easy to over draw whilst keeping them looking natural.

6) Do you have a strict skincare routine? And what is your absolute must have skincare product?

It could be a lot stricter! I’m extremely strict with taking my makeup off and cleansing, and when I have evenings at home I’m very good with my skincare. My absolute must have skincare product is the nip and fab extreme Glycolic fix pads – they get rid of every blemish!

7) Being from Brighton, what is the best thing about Brighton for you? And where is best to eat?

I love how much there is to do, the fact that everyone has their own style and so you can wear what you want and dye your hair any colour in the rainbow and no one cares. The atmosphere is like nowhere else. My favourite restaurant is definitely curry leaf curry – amazing, non traditional curries, unreal starters and a fab atmosphere.

8) Bit random but what is your favourite song of the moment?

Hmm – I love 70s/80s/90s songs and I’m listening to September by Earth Wind and Fire on repeat at the moment – fitting for the month, I know!
9) Favourite/most used app?

Definitely ASOS, unfortunately for my bank balance!

10) Leaving the most cliche for last haha… have you decided when you’ll come clean on your identity… and finally make a YouTube channel? 

It’s so difficult to say, I definitely will one day but I’m not sure went – it’s scary after 4 years of anonymity! I want to create a YouTube channel so much, so it’s definitely in the pipeline… Bare with me!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, just want to say thank you to Miss BGP herself for making this a reality. If you don’t already check her twitter out @BtonGirlProbs and her blog you really won’t be disappointed.