Make Up for a Weekend Away

Make Up for a Weekend Away

So we did our annual trip to Wales.. Barry Island to be precise. James took me there the first year we got together.. 6 years ago and it was love at first sight. I started to love it after watching Gavin and Stacey but it’s more than that. Everyone you meet there is so friendly! So it’s very welcoming.

But this is the make up I took with me for the weekend, I wanted something quick and simple so I didn’t have to faff about in the mornings:

First up was this new foundation I’ve been trying, the Bourjois healthy mix, it’s awesome. Easy to blend and smells nice. The concealer I have here is a new favourite, match perfection. I love the little brush and the tube. Just so easy to use and blend. My Nars Laguna bronzer goes everywhere with me, it’s brilliant for bronzing up the face and also contouring a smidge. The Benefit Rocketeur blush is brilliant too but I have so many blushers it’s hard to have a favourite.. I have been a bit lazy with my brows and eye make up lately, just using the Urban Decay Naked through my crease and a bit of Benefit RollerLash… And Soap and Glory Archery in the old slugs. I whack on my favourite lip balm by Reeses (although I usually already have 8 hour cream on lol) but this Reeses one smells so amazing!!

The beaches are beautiful and sandy as well, and there’s plenty of walking to be done.. As you can see…

If someone had said to us 6 years ago that we would be going back in a few years time with our little boy we probably would of thought they were mental! But we have been every year since being together and it gets more amazing every time.

At home Spa: Part 3 Spa Routine

At home Spa: Part 3 Spa Routine

After sharing my tips on the manicure and pedicure I thought it was only right to share what I do for my at home spa routine! I do these as often as possible and I think it is so important to spend the time relaxing and hitting the refresh button. I sometimes do this mid-week or sometimes a Sunday night.

I always start by getting myself a drink… usually water *cough* Baileys… then I remove all my nail polish and jewellery. I then remove all my make up and take a bit longer on doing so. If I am feeling a bit fancy I will do this with coconut oil! I will also apply coconut oil to my hair and put up in a bun for 2o minutes or so before getting in the shower. I wash my hair and apply a treatment. I then put my hair back in a bun. Once I have done that I will apply a face mask, run a bath and chuck in a bath bomb. I will have a long soak whilst watching YouTube or a show on Netflix. In the bath I will exfoliate and shave so I can fake tan the following morning. Once I am sufficiently prune esk I will get out and wash the face mask off and do the rest of my skincare routine.

I will then rinse out the hair treatment and wrap my hair in a cotton t-shirt, this is so much less damaging than a towel. I will then moisturise with an extra thick body cream. After applying some hair oil in my hair I will dry and straighten it. I then follow my manicure and pedicure routine. I then relax for as long as possible before James gets annoyed at how long I have been upstairs for haha.

If I feel extra fancy I will light a candle, but I always forget to bring the candle-lighter upstairs with me lol.

 I really hope I have given you some motivation to treat yourself to some pampering – we all deserve a pamper, regardless of what we do for work etc, clicking refresh is a must! Not just for looking good but also your mental state. Relaxing and having a pamper really helps me reset the anxiety feature in my brain!!

Spa at Home: Part 2 Pedicure

Spa at Home: Part 2 Pedicure

After sharing my tips on a at home manicure I couldn’t leave the tootsies out! Having smooth and nice looking feet is an essential and not just for Summer because they are on show when wearing flip flops.

You will need:

Nail Polish Remover, Cotton Pads, A Bowl (if possible to soak feet), Toe Separators, Foot Scrub (or body scrub will do), Foot File, Nail File, Cuticle Remover, Orange Stick, Nail Buffer, Base and Top Coat, Colour, Cuticle Oil and Foot Cream (or a thick body butter)

Like the manicure start by removing your nail polish, you would think I would then say soak your feet BUT using a foot file on dry feet is much more effective than on damp or wet feet. So start by buffing any hard skin on the bottom of your feet until smooth, and then soak your feet, sounds odd but antibacterial hand wash works amazing as a foot soak! Let them soak for 10 minutes and relax.

Once you are satisfied your feet have had enough soaking dry them a little concentrating on the nails and apply some cuticle remover. Let that sink in for 40 seconds or so and gently push the cuticles back. Soak the feet again to remove any excess cuticle remover.

Remove your feet from soak and pat the feet dry, file the nail edge and trim if necessary. Always cut the nail straight across and not down the sides as this can cause an ingrowing toe nail… which are not cute to look at.

Buff the nail bed gently to create a smooth surface. Insert your toe separators and double check the nails are dry and free of filing and buffing dust. Apply your base coat in one even layer and let dry for 40 seconds, apply two coats of colour and let each coat dry partially and then apply your top coat. Let the nails dry for 5 minutes and then apply some cuticle oil to each nail. Once dry to touch massage the cuticle oil in and apply some thick foot cream. Take your time and massage your feet.

Just a side note: If your nails are stained, rubbing a cut up lemon on to bare nails will help remove stains. Also if you are showing signs of nail fungal infection, please do not just paint over it and ignore it. There are some brilliant products you can get from Boots/Chemist/Drugstore that will clear it up within a couple of months. If left and you decide to go to a salon for a pedicure they may well refuse to work on you as it involves us throwing away everything we have used on you. Whilst using most fungal nail treatments you can still use nail polish.

Anyway – happy pampering! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me! I am always happy to chat!

Spa at Home: Part 1 Manicure

Spa at Home: Part 1 Manicure

I am all for a pamper, spa day and anything remotely relaxing. I will forever be in the bath, exfoliating, have a face mask and painting my nails. I am a qualified nail technician and although I don’t work as one I like to apply some of my skills when doing my own nails.

I thought I would do a step by step guide so you too can enjoy an at home manicure.

You will need:

Nail Polish Remover, Cotton Pads, Cuticle Remover, Orange Stick, Nail File, Buffer (to smooth nail bed), Clear Nail Polish or Base and Top Coat, Colour,  Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream.

Always start by removing your nail polish, and washing your hands and thoroughly dry them. Having clean hands and nails to begin with is the best place to start.

Apply some cuticle remover and massage that in, I have been using this one from Boots and it is an exfoliating one. Once you have left that for 40 seconds or so push the cuticle back, I never cut my cuticles as it makes the cuticle grow quicker and unless you have excessive cuticle I don’t think it is necessary.

Remove excess cuticle remover with some nail polish remover on a cotton pad. File the nail edge with a nail file and make them the shape you are happy with. This is all about personal preference. Once done buff the nail bed gently with a nail buffer to smooth the nail.This helps the nail polish apply nicer.

Make sure the nails are free from any dust from filing and buffing and apply one coat of your clear coat, or base coat, wait a minute or so before applying colour. Apply two coats of colour leaving each coat to dry for about 40 seconds first. Two thin layers are better than one thick layer as it will apply evenly and will dry quicker. Once you have left the second coat of colour to dry for a minute apply a top coat or the clear polish. Let these dry for about 5 minutes and apply a bit of cuticle oil to each nail, making sure the nails are dry to touch massage the cuticle oil into each nail. This will get the blood flowing and will encourage your nails to grow.

Apply some handcream and make sure not to smudge those nails for at least an hour. A good time to catch up on your favourite TV show 🙂

Enjoy some pampering, I will have a post about an at home Pedicure shortly, so come back tomorrow for that!


Bedtime Essentials

Bedtime Essentials

Sleep is very important, especially with a toddler because it isn’t like you can just catch up on the weekend, you have to get up the same time every day. If Jacob wakes up at 6.30am it has been a really good night. Obviously I wouldn’t have it any other way and the cuddle we have when the little guy wakes up at 5am are amazing.

But these are a few things I do to help myself get to sleep a bit quicker.

My skincare routine plays a big part in me relaxing before bed so if you haven’t already – check that out. Once I am ready to jump into bed I make sure I have my clothes out for the next day and set my alarm. I know now that when my alarm goes off I can get up brush my teeth etc. and get dressed without thinking.

Once I am in bed I make sure I have my lip balm on as dry lips is the worst to sleep with. I use the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Always. I moisturise with any hand cream/body lotion and at the moment I have been using the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter which is amazing.

I then smother my lavender oil roll-on on my wrists and my neck. It really helps to settle me as the evenings are usually the time I feel anxious. If I am really anxious I will have some Kalms tablets. I am not sure if these are just in my head but they really do seem to help. Once I am smelling like a granny and all greasy I lay down and usually read Buzzfeed and usually fall asleep and wake up to find my phone with half a quiz done haha.

Also these help:

2016-05-16 17.54.22.jpg

If you have any tips on how you get to sleep in the evenings please let me know in the comments – or feel free to use to the contact link at the top of the page.

Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

My skin has been something I have always looked after. It was drummed into me from an early age to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise, and I am sure my friends will tell you the amount of times I have bored them with my preaching. I always hide in my hands when people say things like… I don’t take my make up off before bed, I use baby wipes or worse… I don’t wash my face in the morning lol. Everyone has different skin and to be honest I am just jealous they can get away with not washing their face in the morning.

A bit of information about my skin, I have normal to combination skin. Sometimes oily, sometimes dry and sometimes really normal. I haven’t suffered with acne and I get the normal breakouts like every normal person. I feel that if I drank more water it would make all the difference, not to mention my diet. If I laid off the pizza and ate a bit more ‘green’ I probably would have less breakouts, but hey, concealer is my friend.

After testing out what feels like millions of products the last few years I feel I have finally found my jam. Liz Earle Skincare is my love and I admit when I first tried the Cleanse and Polish I just didn’t get on with it, it made me red and my skin a bit sore. I decided to give the skincare routine another whirl last November and I haven’t used anything else since. In fact I have a basket on top of my wardrobe with 2 spares of the Cleanse and Polish, Toner and Moisturiser.

SO, let me tell you what I do otherwise this will be the longest post ever.

I will start with the basic routine which is what I do in the mornings, as you can imagine doing a 7 step skincare routine in the morning with a toddler at my feet just isn’t realistic, and means I can really enjoy it in the evenings (yes I just said I enjoy doing my skincare routine) I start off by managing to find my way into the bathroom and brushing my teeth whilst the hot tap runs (all about time saving) then I take a dollop of the Cleanse and Polish and massage into my face, it is brilliant at waking me up and relaxing me in the evenings, it is practically magic. I wet the muslin which you can get from Liz Earle too in warm water and take the cleanser off and pat my face dry. Swipe over the Skin Boost Tonic over my face with a cotton pad and wave my hands in front of my face to dry it and moisturise with the LE moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin, then I am usually rushing around picking toys up and asking Jake for the millionth time if he needs a wee before the 20 minute car journey to nannies haha.

In the evening I take things a bit slower and use it as a time to relax, if someone doesn’t like washing their face it sounds mental I know but I am a bit haha. I start by removing my make up with some micellar water and I am currently using the Garnier one or I use the Clinique Cleansing Balm. I then move on to the Cleanse and Polish and I take a bit longer at massaging it all in and soaking up the smell. I wipe it off with the Muslin but using slightly warmer water, I pat my face dry and then move onto the toner which I let soak in and don’t wave my hands around like I just don’t care, its all about being calm in the evenings. I then use the LE Superskin Concentrate (Roller ball version), and use this around my face and massage in. I switch between this one and the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil which I love but the LE one is my favourite, sorry Kiehls but the smell just does it for me. I then use an eye cream by LE which is just the Daily Repair one. I will be getting the Superskin Eye Cream once it has run out. I then let the oil soak in before I moisturise and then I whack a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on my lips, spots and dry patches and I am ready to relax… in bed… before the 5am wake up call.

For exfoliating and treatments I don’t really stick to one thing, I am using the St Ives Blemish Fighting exfoliator at the moment which is ok but a bit harsh. As for masks I am happy to use anything with clay in, I have a selection of masks like the Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask, Sanctuary Thermal 5 minute mask and a couple of the LE ones too. If I get spots I sometimes put a bit of tea tree oil on them too.

2016-05-15 12.09.08

So that’s what I do to my face, sorry it is long but I really love my skincare. Hope this has been informative and helped you in some way. On the LE website they have routines ready made and at a fantastic price. I definitely recommend their products.

About Me

About Me

Welcome to lucylovesbeautyxo!

Thank you for taking the time to visit and also read my page. I will start with the basics, my name is Lucy I am 29 and live in the South East, England with my fiancé James and my three-year old son Jacob.

I love beauty, perhaps a little obsessively and I won’t lie this isn’t the first blog I have attempted to create. For some reason I found it hard after a few months to think of what to write about. I would like to think I will stick to it this time (third time lucky and all that). However despite the blog name and my confession of the love of beauty and such, I will also be writing about life in general, parenting and maybe one day some foodie type posts – although I will need to work up to that last one as I have only just mastered cheesy pasta.

Anyway to stop me going on too much… I better get planning some blog posts. In the meantime I will be tweeting so follow me – @lucyluvsbeautyx

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