About Me

Welcome to lucylovesbeautyxo!

Thank you for taking the time to visit and also read my page. I will start with the basics, my name is Lucy I am 29 and live in the South East, England with my fiancé James and my three-year old son Jacob.

I love beauty, perhaps a little obsessively and I won’t lie this isn’t the first blog I have attempted to create. For some reason I found it hard after a few months to think of what to write about. I would like to think I will stick to it this time (third time lucky and all that). However despite the blog name and my confession of the love of beauty and such, I will also be writing about life in general, parenting and maybe one day some foodie type posts – although I will need to work up to that last one as I have only just mastered cheesy pasta.

Anyway to stop me going on too much… I better get planning some blog posts. In the meantime I will be tweeting so follow me – @lucyluvsbeautyx

2016-03-13 15.19.10

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