Skincare Routine

My skin has been something I have always looked after. It was drummed into me from an early age to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise, and I am sure my friends will tell you the amount of times I have bored them with my preaching. I always hide in my hands when people say things like… I don’t take my make up off before bed, I use baby wipes or worse… I don’t wash my face in the morning lol. Everyone has different skin and to be honest I am just jealous they can get away with not washing their face in the morning.

A bit of information about my skin, I have normal to combination skin. Sometimes oily, sometimes dry and sometimes really normal. I haven’t suffered with acne and I get the normal breakouts like every normal person. I feel that if I drank more water it would make all the difference, not to mention my diet. If I laid off the pizza and ate a bit more ‘green’ I probably would have less breakouts, but hey, concealer is my friend.

After testing out what feels like millions of products the last few years I feel I have finally found my jam. Liz Earle Skincare is my love and I admit when I first tried the Cleanse and Polish I just didn’t get on with it, it made me red and my skin a bit sore. I decided to give the skincare routine another whirl last November and I haven’t used anything else since. In fact I have a basket on top of my wardrobe with 2 spares of the Cleanse and Polish, Toner and Moisturiser.

SO, let me tell you what I do otherwise this will be the longest post ever.

I will start with the basic routine which is what I do in the mornings, as you can imagine doing a 7 step skincare routine in the morning with a toddler at my feet just isn’t realistic, and means I can really enjoy it in the evenings (yes I just said I enjoy doing my skincare routine) I start off by managing to find my way into the bathroom and brushing my teeth whilst the hot tap runs (all about time saving) then I take a dollop of the Cleanse and Polish and massage into my face, it is brilliant at waking me up and relaxing me in the evenings, it is practically magic. I wet the muslin which you can get from Liz Earle too in warm water and take the cleanser off and pat my face dry. Swipe over the Skin Boost Tonic over my face with a cotton pad and wave my hands in front of my face to dry it and moisturise with the LE moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin, then I am usually rushing around picking toys up and asking Jake for the millionth time if he needs a wee before the 20 minute car journey to nannies haha.

In the evening I take things a bit slower and use it as a time to relax, if someone doesn’t like washing their face it sounds mental I know but I am a bit haha. I start by removing my make up with some micellar water and I am currently using the Garnier one or I use the Clinique Cleansing Balm. I then move on to the Cleanse and Polish and I take a bit longer at massaging it all in and soaking up the smell. I wipe it off with the Muslin but using slightly warmer water, I pat my face dry and then move onto the toner which I let soak in and don’t wave my hands around like I just don’t care, its all about being calm in the evenings. I then use the LE Superskin Concentrate (Roller ball version), and use this around my face and massage in. I switch between this one and the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil which I love but the LE one is my favourite, sorry Kiehls but the smell just does it for me. I then use an eye cream by LE which is just the Daily Repair one. I will be getting the Superskin Eye Cream once it has run out. I then let the oil soak in before I moisturise and then I whack a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on my lips, spots and dry patches and I am ready to relax… in bed… before the 5am wake up call.

For exfoliating and treatments I don’t really stick to one thing, I am using the St Ives Blemish Fighting exfoliator at the moment which is ok but a bit harsh. As for masks I am happy to use anything with clay in, I have a selection of masks like the Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask, Sanctuary Thermal 5 minute mask and a couple of the LE ones too. If I get spots I sometimes put a bit of tea tree oil on them too.

2016-05-15 12.09.08

So that’s what I do to my face, sorry it is long but I really love my skincare. Hope this has been informative and helped you in some way. On the LE website they have routines ready made and at a fantastic price. I definitely recommend their products.

6 thoughts on “Skincare Routine

  1. I’ve got the Liz Earle cleaners polish and I love it I don’t use mine every day like lucy but it’s nice as an extra pamper once or twice a week.
    I also love the body shop seaweed mask, I alway apply this whilst in a relaxing bath.
    Something I do To prevent break outs is put about 10drops of tea tree in my toner or like lucy if I get a few bad spots I use couple drops neat on cotton pad and just dab over the area.
    I have suffered with acne and love the st Ives scrub as it really makes my skin feel like it’s had a deep clean. It’s a bit rough like lucy says but I like that.
    Love all these products and some new ones I need to try.

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