Spa at Home: Part 1 Manicure

I am all for a pamper, spa day and anything remotely relaxing. I will forever be in the bath, exfoliating, have a face mask and painting my nails. I am a qualified nail technician and although I don’t work as one I like to apply some of my skills when doing my own nails.

I thought I would do a step by step guide so you too can enjoy an at home manicure.

You will need:

Nail Polish Remover, Cotton Pads, Cuticle Remover, Orange Stick, Nail File, Buffer (to smooth nail bed), Clear Nail Polish or Base and Top Coat, Colour,  Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream.

Always start by removing your nail polish, and washing your hands and thoroughly dry them. Having clean hands and nails to begin with is the best place to start.

Apply some cuticle remover and massage that in, I have been using this one from Boots and it is an exfoliating one. Once you have left that for 40 seconds or so push the cuticle back, I never cut my cuticles as it makes the cuticle grow quicker and unless you have excessive cuticle I don’t think it is necessary.

Remove excess cuticle remover with some nail polish remover on a cotton pad. File the nail edge with a nail file and make them the shape you are happy with. This is all about personal preference. Once done buff the nail bed gently with a nail buffer to smooth the nail.This helps the nail polish apply nicer.

Make sure the nails are free from any dust from filing and buffing and apply one coat of your clear coat, or base coat, wait a minute or so before applying colour. Apply two coats of colour leaving each coat to dry for about 40 seconds first. Two thin layers are better than one thick layer as it will apply evenly and will dry quicker. Once you have left the second coat of colour to dry for a minute apply a top coat or the clear polish. Let these dry for about 5 minutes and apply a bit of cuticle oil to each nail, making sure the nails are dry to touch massage the cuticle oil into each nail. This will get the blood flowing and will encourage your nails to grow.

Apply some handcream and make sure not to smudge those nails for at least an hour. A good time to catch up on your favourite TV show πŸ™‚

Enjoy some pampering, I will have a post about an at home Pedicure shortly, so come back tomorrow for that!



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