At home Spa: Part 3 Spa Routine

After sharing my tips on the manicure and pedicure I thought it was only right to share what I do for my at home spa routine! I do these as often as possible and I think it is so important to spend the time relaxing and hitting the refresh button. I sometimes do this mid-week or sometimes a Sunday night.

I always start by getting myself a drink… usually water *cough* Baileys… then I remove all my nail polish and jewellery. I then remove all my make up and take a bit longer on doing so. If I am feeling a bit fancy I will do this with coconut oil! I will also apply coconut oil to my hair and put up in a bun for 2o minutes or so before getting in the shower. I wash my hair and apply a treatment. I then put my hair back in a bun. Once I have done that I will apply a face mask, run a bath and chuck in a bath bomb. I will have a long soak whilst watching YouTube or a show on Netflix. In the bath I will exfoliate and shave so I can fake tan the following morning. Once I am sufficiently prune esk I will get out and wash the face mask off and do the rest of my skincare routine.

I will then rinse out the hair treatment and wrap my hair in a cotton t-shirt, this is so much less damaging than a towel. I will then moisturise with an extra thick body cream. After applying some hair oil in my hair I will dry and straighten it. I then follow my manicure and pedicure routine. I then relax for as long as possible before James gets annoyed at how long I have been upstairs for haha.

If I feel extra fancy I will light a candle, but I always forget to bring the candle-lighter upstairs with me lol.

 I really hope I have given you some motivation to treat yourself to some pampering – we all deserve a pamper, regardless of what we do for work etc, clicking refresh is a must! Not just for looking good but also your mental state. Relaxing and having a pamper really helps me reset the anxiety feature in my brain!!

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