Quick Make Up

So we have all had those mornings where time goes quicker than the weekend went and before you know it its 8.12 and you haven’t even brushed your teeth yet… Not just me right?? Well my alarm goes off at 7.. But usually up before then so I don’t have much excuse to run late! However, Jakey wants milk… And wants me to be Nala, Lightening or Mater about 100 times before I even get out of bed haha.

This is what I throw on my face when I look at the time and think… Balls… I need to go… I start off by putting Rimmel Wake me Up all over my face.. It does what it claims.. It wakes me up (before I go go – sorry I couldn’t resist) then I swish on some Nars bronzer.. No one has time to contour in the morning haha.. I pop on some Benefit Coralista which is great at waking up my face and it’s like a highlighter and blusher in one, so saves a step. I quickly use soap and glory archery through my brows as its so quick and easy. I swipe some mascara on and my favourite at the moment is the Benefit RollerLash, it lengthens and dries quickly. I usually have 8 hour cream on my lips from going my skincare routine so I am literally ready to go!

If anyone has any tips of getting ready quicker please let me know! Comment down below or tweet me @lucyluvsbeautyx or find me on Instagram my username is lucybender … My account isn’t set to private so easily found on there ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

6 thoughts on “Quick Make Up

  1. it’s so true about the time thing in the morning. I set my alarm for 630 to leave the house by 810….you would think that nearly 2 hours would be plenty of time….nope! I still seem to be rushing out the door each morning :/

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    1. Haha glad it’s not just me!! I always get up early because my lad gets me up as he wakes up when my other half gets up at 5, good days he goes back to sleep for an hour but I still end up leaving the house at 8.15 like I’ve slept in until 8.14 haha xxxx

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      1. the struggles of being a girl, a guy can roll out of bed, like mine does and still leave the house on time….not fair! aha!

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