Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

I mentioned in my skincare routine that I was using the St Ives Blemish fighting exfoliator but said that’s it’s quite harsh on my skin. Literally the day after I went to a Boots Store that stocked Liz Earle and picked up their gentle face exfoliator. I was so excited to try it and it really didn’t disappoint!

The texture is ALOT like the cleanse and polish but with a grain to it.. If that even makes sense haha. I cleansed my face first and then massaged the exfoliator in. I noticed straight away my skin was smoother!! It didn’t go red or anything.

I really noticed the difference the next day though my skincare felt like it absorbed better and my make up went on nicer without those pesky dry patches especially around my nose.

I’ve used it about 5 times now and it really is the best exfoliator I’ve tried! If you’re in the market for a gentle exfoliator definitely head LE’s way!


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