Tanning Routine

As much it is a pain in the backside I feel like I have my life together when I’ve faked tanned, I usually have to decide I’m going to fake tan a good 12 hours or so before I fake tan. I’m not one of those lets fake tan on a whim moment!

I always start the evening before by exfoliating and shaving making sure I have a nice smooth base for the tan! The best exfoliator I have used has to be the Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub. The smell alone is a treat let alone rubbing it all over!

Once I’m out of the shower I spend a little extra time moisturising and making sure all those areas are well covered. Once I have had my beauty sleep… About 6 hours… Broken… Haha… I get up and wash my face as normal.

When I’m ready I’ll get my fake tan out and this St Mortiz one is the best one I’ve used!! It’s a mousse and blends in so easily! This is a new version and it develops in one hour, although I usually put it on before work as I know (I hope) I won’t get splashed with water like I would at home haha.

I rub it in in circular motions with a tanning mitt, I make sure I have covered every area and no streaks etc. I let it dry for 5 minutes or so and then get dressed, in dark clothing.

For my face, I just gently wipe it over with whatever is left on the tanning mitt. This is the only fake tan that hasn’t broken me out but I am still really careful just in case. It always fades on my face sooner as I use oils etc but I can’t stand the white line and my face looking totally different lol!

If you have any fake tan recommendations that work as well as this one please let me know, I would like to try some more! X


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