Boots Haul (ish)

We have all been there.. We pop into Boots for Shampoo and come out with a bit extra… Am I right? Right?

Well it happened, day one of me saying for the whole of June I won’t buy any make up and only skincare and hair stuff if I really NEED it… I didn’t need any of this, I have more than enough stuff to get me through the month, but regardless this happened and I’m happy haha.

I initially went in for some shampoo and noticed the Soap and Glory section was buy one get one half price so I got two of their glad hair day shampoo. It smells incredible and leaves my hair so shiny as I have had it before. I then thought.. I need conditioner but I mainly get masks and use them as conditioners. I found this Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Balm with coconut oil and cocoa butter… It smells like Baileys… I needed it.. I got it. It was also buy one get one free so obviously I got two of those haha.

Sticking with hair I bought a repurchase of the Elvive Extraordinary Oil, this is I think my 4th bottle and it’s amazing. Not only for the smell but I have really noticed the difference when using this. It’s a heat protector as well as a finishing oil. Definitely a holy grail for me this bad boy.

Moving away from hair, I then went to the Bourjois counter to see whether they had any offers as I wanted to get a back up of my foundation. The Healthy Mix Foundation, I haven’t bought a back up foundation since the Nars Sheer Glow sellout epidemic, luckily I have found something I love just as much. It smells lovely, lasts well and matches me well. And third of the price of the Nars one and half the price of my Mac Studio Fix.

As it was 3 for 2 and I love the foundation so much I decided to get the Healthy Mix Concealer. I haven’t tried this yet but I hope it’s as nice as the foundation, it also claims to be anti fatigue.

The third thing I bought was a Glossy Stick in the colour ‘Proudly Naked’ it’s about as daring as I get with colour but it’s so comfortable to wear, although I do need to give it a proper test drive!

So not a mental spend up.. But definitely one I didn’t need haha xx


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