Nail Care

I’ve popped a post up about an at home spa manicure but let’s face it, it’s a bit unrealistic to expect to be able to do that once a week.

I use these items at the moment and I’ve managed to get my nails not long but a nice length and strong. My nails before doing these things kept breaking (boohoo)

I switched to using a nourishing nail varnish remover like this Cutex one. It contains vitamins, it moisturises and claims to whiten the nails too. It also smells quite nice.

I started to quickly push my cuticles back and I noticed the more I do it the quicker it is to do when I have 10 minutes to do my nails… Once pushed back I just go round the nail edge with a nail file and clean any edges up.

I then do two coats of the Original Nail Envy but in the colour Bubble Bath, it’s not clear, it’s not 100% pink it’s just ‘something’ and I like that!

Once I have left them to dry for a minute I then put some of the Avoplex nail oil on each nail and massage in, I also try and do this at least once a day. Seems like ag I know but it has really made the difference.

Then I finish with a blob of hand cream and I’m back to playing with cars, washing or tidying toys πŸ™‚ xx


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