My Emergency Pack

This little pack is a life saver, not literally but it’s amazing if I have a migraine. Everything I need is in this little Zoeva bag and I can grab it and I know I have everything I need, even I’m at home.

First is Rescue Remedy and a pack of Kalms. As I blogged about before I suffer with Anxiety but when I feel a migraine starting I always feel anxious, as I know what needs to happen before I feel better. Ride the waves and all that haha.

I have these awesome cooling strips that I put on the back of my neck. They’re meant for your forehead but I find these are great for my neck. I have a of paracetamol and ibroprufen in there, I also have some soluble codeine just in case. Obviously I only take the recommended dose… Not the whole pack!

Vapour rub might seem an odd choice for an emergency bag but this really helps me. I massage it into my shoulder, neck and head. It really clears my mind and the cooling sensation eases the pain enough for me to sleep.

Lip balm obviously and my Glasses.. These are essential as I always take my contacts out if I get a migraine and I keep spare contacts in the case too.

I take a tablet called propanalol every day anyway which I have a strip of in this bag just in case. I take this for anxiety and to prevent migraines. It’s a clever little pink tablet.

And last but not least the de-stress roll on, this smells like a spa, and does a very good job at relaxing me. It’s the same as my lavender one that I use at night but a different scent. As soon as I smell it I am laying on a massage table haha.

If you suffer with migraines and can think of anything I can add to this bag let me know down in the comments πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “My Emergency Pack

      1. I think I’ll definitely have to get one of these sorted, can’t get over how ingenious it is! And thanks so much! Means a lot πŸ™‚ xx

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