Dieci All-In-One Hair Treatment

I have used this product now for about 2 years, I’ve tried other things but I really do notice the difference on the very rare occasion I don’t use it. It’s a keratin and collagen which is a leave in treatment and heat protectant.

Once I’ve washed my hair and wrapped it in a cotton t shirt (less damaging than a towel) I spray this all over my hair and then brush through with my Pro Wet Brush. It makes my hair feel so soft and actually feels like it’s being protected.

A little background on my hair.. I have bleached it for so long, switching between half head and full head highlights. I finally decided that I was going to give my hair a massive break from colour so my hairdresser put some dark in my hair so my roots wouldn’t look as noticeable when they grow out. That was March and I still haven’t felt the need to have it coloured as its not as noticeable. I have been doing treatments every wash, mixing it up between protein treatments and nourishing treatments as too much protein can make the hair snap. Out of everything I have used though to try and get my hair healthy this is the one product that has remained and felt like it’s helped. The only thing I do still do is straighten my hair… But I honestly look like hagred if I don’t… So don’t hate me. I will love to go really blonde one day again but once I’m happy my hair is really healthy…. Then I guess it will start all over again haha.

If you have any hair care tips please let me know! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dieci All-In-One Hair Treatment

  1. Ooh look’s good i have the same problem with my hair i’m totally hair bipolar can never stick to using one color, about 2/3 years ago i brought a carrot serum from my local hair extension shop its amazing my hair grew longer and thicker you should try it babe works wonders.
    x fatty http://twofacedx.wordpress.com/

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