Make Up Storage

If I had done this a year ago I would of had to do it over 2 posts at least haha.

I only have what I use now and I like that, I’ve gone from having 8 draws of Muji full of make up to 2 draws of make up and using the other 2 draws for jewellery and contact lenses… I have a one in one out policy now so I don’t waste money. Works sometimes but not always haha.

On the top of my Muji draws I have a little mirror which I thought was so cute! And these little pink brush holders to hold my brushes… One with bigger (face) brushes and the other with smaller and eye brushes… (Yes I really do need that many).

In the top draw I have my concealers, foundations, primer, bronzer and highlighter. I only have one bronzer and highlighter because these are my absolute favourites! I am using the YSL foundation up as its a bit too dewy for me, and I only use my MAC ones on special occasions. The Healthy Mix foundation is the best in my opinion.

Second draw down, I have my lonely eyeshadow palette, 3 single eye shadows which are in the palette but I use them the most, my NARS Deep Throat blusher and my two favourite Benefit ones. My 3 MAC lipsticks (I used to have 12 of these bad boys…) on the right hand side are just some eyeliners.. And a lipgloss.

So as you can see it’s a very modest stash, but I can honestly say I use everything I have now πŸ™‚


26 thoughts on “Make Up Storage

  1. Makeup minimalism β™‘
    I’m also trying to be more rational, and instead of hoarding, actually USE and love the stuff I have. I’m not quite the minimalist like you are, but I think I’m doing allright ^.^

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    1. Took me a long time to get down to this lot. I was quite brutal when I was going through and deciding whether I’ll use it or not. I’d much rather give it to someone who will use it than it sit in my draw. Hate things gathering dust lol xxxxx

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      1. But it makes sense really. I have only a few paletes now, and I’m feeling much more relaxed around my makeup, it was overwhelming before! And I enjoy it more, without fear that it will go bad barely touched πŸ™‚

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