Well I got my Zen on Thursday evening at a meditation class in Hove… It wasn’t how I imagined it to be. Whenever I think about a meditation class I vision people sitting crossed legged on mats, a blue tinted dark room, music playing and alot of ohm’ing. Well none of that happened and I really liked it. 

The room was well lit with chairs lined up facing towards a shrine cabinet. A lovely man who was running the meditation sat in front of us all and spoke into a microphone. He started us off with a breathing meditation which really helped to relax me, then he spoke about how meditation works and is beneficial.

I learnt that the mind isn’t just in your head it’s everywhere. Which has really changed my perspective on things as whenever I felt anxious or worried I would constantly say ‘my silly brain’ which isn’t very helpful.

Last night was my first class and I will definitely be going back next week… So I’ll keep you all updated 🙂 


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