Decluttering My MakeUp

After posting my make up storage I was messaged quite a bit on how I achieved my minimal make up storage, especially from having so much before. 

I was literally bogged down with make up, more make up than I would ever of been able to use. I wish I kept a picture of what it looked like before. As mentioned in my make up storage post I had 12 MAC lipsticks, every eyeshadow palette going and so many mascaras and foundations it was insane. 

First thing I did was I got it all out, I laid a couple of towels on my bed and emptied EVERYTHING on my bed. I went through and put in the bin anything out of date, sniffed it, checked colour pigment etc. 

Then I went through and put aside what I use every single day, and then another pile for what I use occasionally… (Before putting the make up away I cleaned everything with baby wipes) And then made another pile with what I never use… That was a big pile. I decided to either give some bits to my mum, what I thought she would like. Then what my friends would like and what I would like to sell. Like my Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 palettes. The first Naked palette is my favourite and the one I went for every day… And for special occasions. I had some Sleek palettes, Make Up Rev and a few more. I never used them so gave them away. 

With lips, I decided on an every day lip colour, an Autumn/Winter and a Spring/Summer shade… And to be honest I rarely even wear lip colour anyway haha. 

With foundations, I kept an every day foundation and a special occasion foundation. Concealers were a bit different as they can do different things which is why I still have a few of them. 

In my opinion having a decluttered make up has made me enjoy putting my make up on even more now, I felt like I had so much stuff before but now it’s so clean and tidy I love it. I have found products I love and are my holy grails and it stops me buying another bronzer I don’t need or another mascara I’m not sure on – and saves money. 

I would love to know any tips you have on decluttering, so please let me know. 


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