St Moriz Gradual Tan 

I know I know I’m probably a bit late to jump on this band wagon but oh my… I didn’t think it could get any better than the fast tan by St Moriz but now I can apply a moisturiser every day (and a bloody good one at that) it doesn’t smell iffy, doesn’t have that horrible feeling like some… Going back to the Johnsons one back in the day! Me and my friend used to smother ourselves in it.. More orange the better back then haha. 

Now though I prefer a more golden take on a tan. This gradual tan is amazing for in between tanning, really does give a little something something to the skin tone. I’ve been called translucent before now… Lol! I feel I look a lot healthier with a tan though and I really have gone off sunbeds due to the risks of them. I do have them occasionally though. 

I highly recommend this gradual tan/moisturiser. My skin is smooth (no dry patches at all!!) and a nice colour! 


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