Zoella Bath Latte

When Zoe released her new products there was one in particular I needed… The Bath Latte. I’m not going to lie and say the packaging totally got me.. I needed it.. It’s cute… Was kinda hoping it would be glass.. Although totally aware that wouldn’t be very practical haha. 

Anyway I went to buy it online.. Sold out.. Went into a couple of Superdrugs and none left or wasn’t in yet. Then I went into my local one again and there it was… With a light around it calling me over to it! I picked it up and my first thought was.. Oh it’s not glass even though I knew it wouldn’t be. I smelt the other products in the range and went straight to check out… Whilst walking past the Sleek counter obvs… 

I was running a bath and popped some in.. Half the bottle… Oops… Well the bubbles… The smell… Everything! I felt like I was bathing in a box of chocolates… (Everyone’s dream right?) the bubbles lasted AGES… And my bath time is like a proper thing.. I don’t just dip in for 5 mins and get out I’m in for the long haul… Talking prune territory! 

My skin felt so soft after… And the smell lingered… I didn’t feel the need to moisturise either… Winning. 

Definitely grab this if you see it, well worth it. 


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