Tisserand Aromatherapy De-Stress Bath Oil

Tisserand Aromatherapy De-Stress Bath Oil

In my review of Tisserand De-Stress Body Oil I mentioned I couldn’t find the bath oil anywhere, I was so lucky that the company saw my review and kindly sent me a 40% code for their website. I obviously was so excited I went straight on their website and ordered it. I had no idea I could buy it online and thought it was a Boots exclusive. Clearly I was wrong haha. 

This arrived Wednesday and I was buzzing to try it. I tried it that night and oh my… It’s amazing. I didn’t need a lot of the product to create a glorious smell in my bathroom, was so lovely to lay in the bath and relax. It has pure essential oils orange, geranium and nutmeg. I totally relaxed in the bath without my phone or iPad and just enjoyed some me time. 

My skin afterwards felt soft and smelt of the oil I couldn’t stop sniffing my arm haha. 

Obviously as soon as James asked if I wanted a bath on Thursday afternoon I pounced on the chance.. I have an injection (Friday) in my back and will only be able to have showers for 3 days so no baths so I certainly made the most of my last bath for a few days. 

If you need to relax this is DEFINITLY a winner in my books. 

Just a side note… Tisserand sent me the 40% code out of kindness and they didn’t ask me to review it. I just really love this product! X

Gel Polish – Is it worth the hype? 

Gel Polish – Is it worth the hype? 

If you’ve been here before you’ll know I love nails. Well quite some time ago I decided to buy myself a Gellux kit. I wanted to try gel polish. I tried it at the time and liked it. 

I then didn’t use the gel for awhile… Talking almost a year… And I thought to myself… Is it really worth the hype?! 

So I put it to the test and done my nails, well in the first week my nails grew quite quick… And they were strong. Then I chipped one (my own fault.. I didn’t wear washing up gloves..) I peeled the rest of it off as I was in a rush and it damaged my nail bed. Sort of expected that but at the same time was really annoyed with myself. 

I have the gel polish on at the moment and this picture is a week after doing them. It is hassle free.. If I didn’t have to do them myself.. 

I do like it! Taking it off is a bit of a nightmare I’ve heard for Gellux but I’m sure I’ll wing it and manage it. I am loving my nails that bit longer! 

On a side note: I done my mums nails and she hates gel… It just peels off on her, at first I thought it was the application but I do everything I should and it still peels… Personally I think she picks at it haha (hi mum! Lol) x

The shade I have on is: Gellux Hawaii Hibiscus. 

I also have these shades: from left to right – Oriental Poppy, Cherry Blossom, Black Tulip, Hawaii Hibiscus, Rosie Anna and Ocean Coral. 

Boots Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner 

Boots Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner 

I’m not one to repurchase the same shampoo and conditioner over and over again but I honestly love this shampoo and conditioner. And it’s only a £1 a bottle in Boots. 

I went for the Nutty Coconut as the smell of it is just amazing. I literally feel like the woman from the Herbal Essence adverts back in the day when I use these bad boys. 

Smell aside, the shampoo makes my hair really clean.. Squeaky at times… And it’s very clarifying. I use quite a lot of oil products on my hair and it can build up. Haven’t had any of this since using this.

The conditioner is just as cracking, although I do use a treatment mask every second wash. But when I use the conditioner on its own it leaves my hair soft, shiny and manageable. 

These are DEFINITLY worth checking out if you’re on the market or just a bit fickle like me when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. If you try it let me know! X

A Simple Skincare Routine

A Simple Skincare Routine

I’ve spoken so much about what I use on my face that I know it gets a bit boring. However, I do get asked quite a bit about skincare and what I recommend when starting a “routine” I’m no expert, but I love it. I’ve always been told a good skincare is more important than good make up as if you have bad skin no matter how expensive the make up you can tell what’s underneath. 

Before finding what I love using I used ALOT of other products from drugstore to high end and I must say there are some diamonds that you can get in Boots or Superdrug. 

I started off using Miceller water to remove my make up.. Even face wipes are ok if you’re just using them to take your make up off AND THEN cleansing haha. Double cleanse all the way. I tried to avoid foaming face washes as they strip your skin of the natural oils. You can get great cleansing balms, hot cloth cleansers etc that aren’t too expensive. 

A simple cleanser will do too like a milk or gel. I’m told so many times that people don’t have time for the extensive skincare routine that I have (and I promise you.. Mine is no where near extensive by any standards) 

A toner I don’t think is essential but I always like to do this step, always have and I love it. You can get a simple toner, no specific make but most shops do their own brand range of skincare which is so affordable and effective. (I’ve tried them all… Boots, Superdrug and even Tesco).

To be honest, skipping serum, facial oil and eye cream is normal, and cleansing toning and moisturising is the best place to start. 

Moisturiser is something you can get cheaply but always aim to get one for your skin type and an added bonus if it contains SPF. My other half used to use Clinique but now uses Garnier Moisture Match and he loves it. He has dry skin and uses the one for his skin type. They have a moisturiser for dry, oily, and dull skin and I’ve used them in the past and they are really good. 

Small steps, drinking lots of water and easing yourself into a proper skincare routine will do wonders. We all started somewhere and mine was 3 steps before I worked up to my routine I have now. If you haven’t checked that out please do! I have an at home facial and my every day skin care routine already posted. 

Hope you enjoy this post! 

Just a side note: I’ve decided I will be expanding my love for skincare and doing a facials course! I’ll keep you updated! But I am very excited!! X

De-Stress Body Oil 

De-Stress Body Oil 

Following on from my Lavender pillow spray post this is another item I have been reaching for Tisserand Aromatherapy body oil a lot this month. I picked this up as I have the roll on version of this that stays in my handbag and helps to chill me throughout the day if need be. 

I pump a couple of pumps of this into my hand after a shower and just gently massage my shoulders before popping my pjs on. The smell of this is amazing, it has orange, geranium and nutmeg, it’s so relaxing and calming. It is also great to massage into your legs if you’ve done a lot of walking that day, I sometimes massage my arms as they really ache after being at the computer and writing. 

They do a bath oil of this which I am really interested in but can’t find it anywhere, but if I find it I will definitely grab.. If I ever find it. 

I mentioned before I went to a meditation class, which I have been going to. I’ll do a post on that soon but I find using this after meditation just adds that little extra to the experience and really does help to relax my mind! 

Botanics Relaxing Lavender Body, Space and Pillow Spray

Botanics Relaxing Lavender Body, Space and Pillow Spray

If you read my bedtime essentials post (if not.. Check that out..) you’ll know I love my lavender scented and anything relaxing type products. 

I saw this in Boots (shock horror I know.. I was in Boots again!) I was looking for another Lavender little roll on as my other run out. I use that every night so that’s no surprise. I saw this though and thought it’s worth a go. I use it to spray my pillow area when I get into bed. It’s not too strong, not that I would notice but my other half hasn’t complained so can’t be too bad. It really does a great job and relaxing me and getting me ready for sleep. Along with the other items I use before bed. I have found I don’t need to use my lavender roll on at night now though unless I’m overly stressed or anxious. 

It wasn’t too expensive either, around the £5 mark and definitely worth the money if you struggle to get to sleep.. But not if you don’t like lavender of course. 

Sleek A New Day Palette

Sleek A New Day Palette

If you’ve been here awhile you’ll know I only have one eyeshadow palette and that’s the urban decay naked palette. I love that and it’s my go to usually. 

I wanted to try some more Sleek products as I really love their face form palette and their eyebrow kit is my new holy grail! I literally love it and use it every day now. 

I popped to Boots.. As you do.. And picked up this palette. I also picked up a Matte Lip Cream and a Lip Crayon but I haven’t tried those yet, very rare I wear lip products other than lip balm. 

I went for this palette as it was neutral and if I’m honest I loved the names of some of the shadows for example; Don’t worry, Be Happy and other positive names. It just stuck out so had to it get it. 

Their not as pigmented as the urban decay shadows but they build up nicely, blend REALLY well, quite buttery and no fallout at all on me. So if you are looking for an eyeshadow palette which is perfect for the day and you can build up for night time then this is one to check out. I will definitely buy another one so will be off for another swatching session soon! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! If so give it a like and leave me a comment for any recommendations on other Sleek products you’ve tried.