Sleek Face Palette 

I have had the palette with just the contour and highlight a few times but never really used it but I have been looking for a good contour palette. (I have ordered the NYX Contour Palette – review on that soon!) 

I decided to give this one another go especially as the blusher looks amazing although to me looks the same as Nars Orgasm? Is that just me?

Anyway I used this for a night out with work just to give it a whirl and I was surprised how pigmented it was, as I hadn’t really given it a proper run for its money before I was surprised I had dismissed it in favour of my Nars Laguna. For me this bronzer is just as good, and not muddy at all so perfect for contour or bronzing up the skin. 

The highlight is good… It’s no Mary-Lou but it’s perfect for day time, and the blusher I love a whole lot! Like… Really love it… It’s so nice. They didn’t have the contour and highlight palette so I had to get the one with the blusher and I’m glad the other one was sold out. 

I used this palette for my eyeshadow too, bronzer through the crease and the highlighter on the lid. Worked a treat. 

If you’re looking for a multi use product, this is amazing for £9.99 and in Boots at the moment it’s buy one get one half price. So I bought the brow kit too.. I’ll do a review on that, I just want to try it a few times first. 

Hope you’re all well, sorry I have been quiet on here. I will talk about a life update soon if you want! Let me know in the comments.. And if you like this palette too! 


8 thoughts on “Sleek Face Palette 

  1. I’ve been tempted to try this palette, it looks good with everything in one place! Tempted to give it a go now!😝
    I’ve just written a post on some of my recent makeup revolution buys if you want to check that out on thanks, great post again!!x

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