NYX Contour Palette

I bought this on a whim, I saw someone review it and like it and I needed it. I have had my eye on the ABH contour palette but just can’t justify the £40 just to contour and highlight. 

I was so excited when it arrived and couldn’t wait to try it, the packaging is good and doesn’t feel like it would break easily, if that makes sense? But some palettes to me look vulnerable haha. 

Anyway I used the lighter brown colour to chisel my cheekbones and the product glided on nicely and blended well. I tried the banana powder to set the concealer under my eyes, which worked well… Sooooo much fall out though. I only had to lightly touch the colours with my brush and it was everywhere. Not so much a problem as not using them as eyeshadow (you so could though) just feel like I’m wasting product. 

The highlight shade is really nice, perfect for the day time. The darker contour shades would be perfect for night out make up too. 

Overall really glad I purchased this palette. Let me know your thoughts on it if you’ve tried it. 


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