At Home Facial

Be no revalation my love for Liz Earle products and this post will have a whole lot of LE products. 

Once a week I will give myself a proper facial, not just my skincare routine, even though I use these products every day (not the mask or exfoliator obvs) but once a week I like to set aside a bit longer to give my face some loving. 

I always start off by removing my make up with coconut oil, such a luxurious thing to do and I don’t this every day as it’s messy. I wet a flannel with warm water and remove the coconut oil. I then follow up with the Cleanse and Polish, I get a big dollop and massage that into my skin, massaging my chin in circular motions, moving up to my nose, forehead and cheeks, massaging each section for 20 seconds. I then move down to my neck and massage upwards towards my chin. 

I then wet my Muslin with warm water and remove the C&P, I pat my face but not completely dry. Getting a splodge of the LE Gentle Facial Exfoliator I massage that into my face paying attention to chin, nose and forehead. Once I have removed that I follow up with the LE Deep Cleansing Mask. This is a clay mask but doesn’t set as hard as some clay masks so certainly ALOT more comfortable to have on. I leave this on for 20 minutes before using the muslin to wipe it off. The mask did come with some sponges to remove the mask but find that’s quite harsh on my boat race. 

Once I’ve patted my face dry I will apply some of the LE Skin Tonic Boost Toner onto a cotton pad and swipe over my face. This is so cooling, refreshing and calming. I let that dry on its own and then I apply Superskin Eye Cream, I love this! I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out. Never been hooked on an eye cream before. 

Taking some of the Superskin Concentrate into my hands I massage it into my skin using the same method I did with the C&P and the smell, the motion, the feel… Everything about this just makes me happy haha. I know I’m sad but I love skincare. Once that has soaked in a bit I will use a smidge of LE botonical moisturiser. I love this too a little goes a long way and just makes my skin feel amazing. 

I finish up with some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, if my lips need exfoliating I will do that but I don’t feel I need to do that very often. 

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