Sleek A New Day Palette

If you’ve been here awhile you’ll know I only have one eyeshadow palette and that’s the urban decay naked palette. I love that and it’s my go to usually. 

I wanted to try some more Sleek products as I really love their face form palette and their eyebrow kit is my new holy grail! I literally love it and use it every day now. 

I popped to Boots.. As you do.. And picked up this palette. I also picked up a Matte Lip Cream and a Lip Crayon but I haven’t tried those yet, very rare I wear lip products other than lip balm. 

I went for this palette as it was neutral and if I’m honest I loved the names of some of the shadows for example; Don’t worry, Be Happy and other positive names. It just stuck out so had to it get it. 

Their not as pigmented as the urban decay shadows but they build up nicely, blend REALLY well, quite buttery and no fallout at all on me. So if you are looking for an eyeshadow palette which is perfect for the day and you can build up for night time then this is one to check out. I will definitely buy another one so will be off for another swatching session soon! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! If so give it a like and leave me a comment for any recommendations on other Sleek products you’ve tried. 


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