Botanics Relaxing Lavender Body, Space and Pillow Spray

If you read my bedtime essentials post (if not.. Check that out..) you’ll know I love my lavender scented and anything relaxing type products. 

I saw this in Boots (shock horror I know.. I was in Boots again!) I was looking for another Lavender little roll on as my other run out. I use that every night so that’s no surprise. I saw this though and thought it’s worth a go. I use it to spray my pillow area when I get into bed. It’s not too strong, not that I would notice but my other half hasn’t complained so can’t be too bad. It really does a great job and relaxing me and getting me ready for sleep. Along with the other items I use before bed. I have found I don’t need to use my lavender roll on at night now though unless I’m overly stressed or anxious. 

It wasn’t too expensive either, around the £5 mark and definitely worth the money if you struggle to get to sleep.. But not if you don’t like lavender of course. 


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