A Simple Skincare Routine

I’ve spoken so much about what I use on my face that I know it gets a bit boring. However, I do get asked quite a bit about skincare and what I recommend when starting a “routine” I’m no expert, but I love it. I’ve always been told a good skincare is more important than good make up as if you have bad skin no matter how expensive the make up you can tell what’s underneath. 

Before finding what I love using I used ALOT of other products from drugstore to high end and I must say there are some diamonds that you can get in Boots or Superdrug. 

I started off using Miceller water to remove my make up.. Even face wipes are ok if you’re just using them to take your make up off AND THEN cleansing haha. Double cleanse all the way. I tried to avoid foaming face washes as they strip your skin of the natural oils. You can get great cleansing balms, hot cloth cleansers etc that aren’t too expensive. 

A simple cleanser will do too like a milk or gel. I’m told so many times that people don’t have time for the extensive skincare routine that I have (and I promise you.. Mine is no where near extensive by any standards) 

A toner I don’t think is essential but I always like to do this step, always have and I love it. You can get a simple toner, no specific make but most shops do their own brand range of skincare which is so affordable and effective. (I’ve tried them all… Boots, Superdrug and even Tesco).

To be honest, skipping serum, facial oil and eye cream is normal, and cleansing toning and moisturising is the best place to start. 

Moisturiser is something you can get cheaply but always aim to get one for your skin type and an added bonus if it contains SPF. My other half used to use Clinique but now uses Garnier Moisture Match and he loves it. He has dry skin and uses the one for his skin type. They have a moisturiser for dry, oily, and dull skin and I’ve used them in the past and they are really good. 

Small steps, drinking lots of water and easing yourself into a proper skincare routine will do wonders. We all started somewhere and mine was 3 steps before I worked up to my routine I have now. If you haven’t checked that out please do! I have an at home facial and my every day skin care routine already posted. 

Hope you enjoy this post! 

Just a side note: I’ve decided I will be expanding my love for skincare and doing a facials course! I’ll keep you updated! But I am very excited!! X

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