De-Stress Body Oil 

Following on from my Lavender pillow spray post this is another item I have been reaching for Tisserand Aromatherapy body oil a lot this month. I picked this up as I have the roll on version of this that stays in my handbag and helps to chill me throughout the day if need be. 

I pump a couple of pumps of this into my hand after a shower and just gently massage my shoulders before popping my pjs on. The smell of this is amazing, it has orange, geranium and nutmeg, it’s so relaxing and calming. It is also great to massage into your legs if you’ve done a lot of walking that day, I sometimes massage my arms as they really ache after being at the computer and writing. 

They do a bath oil of this which I am really interested in but can’t find it anywhere, but if I find it I will definitely grab.. If I ever find it. 

I mentioned before I went to a meditation class, which I have been going to. I’ll do a post on that soon but I find using this after meditation just adds that little extra to the experience and really does help to relax my mind! 


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