Boots Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner 

I’m not one to repurchase the same shampoo and conditioner over and over again but I honestly love this shampoo and conditioner. And it’s only a £1 a bottle in Boots. 

I went for the Nutty Coconut as the smell of it is just amazing. I literally feel like the woman from the Herbal Essence adverts back in the day when I use these bad boys. 

Smell aside, the shampoo makes my hair really clean.. Squeaky at times… And it’s very clarifying. I use quite a lot of oil products on my hair and it can build up. Haven’t had any of this since using this.

The conditioner is just as cracking, although I do use a treatment mask every second wash. But when I use the conditioner on its own it leaves my hair soft, shiny and manageable. 

These are DEFINITLY worth checking out if you’re on the market or just a bit fickle like me when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. If you try it let me know! X


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