Gel Polish – Is it worth the hype? 

If you’ve been here before you’ll know I love nails. Well quite some time ago I decided to buy myself a Gellux kit. I wanted to try gel polish. I tried it at the time and liked it. 

I then didn’t use the gel for awhile… Talking almost a year… And I thought to myself… Is it really worth the hype?! 

So I put it to the test and done my nails, well in the first week my nails grew quite quick… And they were strong. Then I chipped one (my own fault.. I didn’t wear washing up gloves..) I peeled the rest of it off as I was in a rush and it damaged my nail bed. Sort of expected that but at the same time was really annoyed with myself. 

I have the gel polish on at the moment and this picture is a week after doing them. It is hassle free.. If I didn’t have to do them myself.. 

I do like it! Taking it off is a bit of a nightmare I’ve heard for Gellux but I’m sure I’ll wing it and manage it. I am loving my nails that bit longer! 

On a side note: I done my mums nails and she hates gel… It just peels off on her, at first I thought it was the application but I do everything I should and it still peels… Personally I think she picks at it haha (hi mum! Lol) x

The shade I have on is: Gellux Hawaii Hibiscus. 

I also have these shades: from left to right – Oriental Poppy, Cherry Blossom, Black Tulip, Hawaii Hibiscus, Rosie Anna and Ocean Coral. 


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