Tisserand Aromatherapy De-Stress Bath Oil

In my review of Tisserand De-Stress Body Oil I mentioned I couldn’t find the bath oil anywhere, I was so lucky that the company saw my review and kindly sent me a 40% code for their website. I obviously was so excited I went straight on their website and ordered it. I had no idea I could buy it online and thought it was a Boots exclusive. Clearly I was wrong haha. 

This arrived Wednesday and I was buzzing to try it. I tried it that night and oh my… It’s amazing. I didn’t need a lot of the product to create a glorious smell in my bathroom, was so lovely to lay in the bath and relax. It has pure essential oils orange, geranium and nutmeg. I totally relaxed in the bath without my phone or iPad and just enjoyed some me time. 

My skin afterwards felt soft and smelt of the oil I couldn’t stop sniffing my arm haha. 

Obviously as soon as James asked if I wanted a bath on Thursday afternoon I pounced on the chance.. I have an injection (Friday) in my back and will only be able to have showers for 3 days so no baths so I certainly made the most of my last bath for a few days. 

If you need to relax this is DEFINITLY a winner in my books. 

Just a side note… Tisserand sent me the 40% code out of kindness and they didn’t ask me to review it. I just really love this product! X


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