Month: August 2016

My Current Everyday MakeUp

I have been rather lazy with my make up the last couple of weeks but it’s been so muggy and hot who wants loads of foundation and a cut crease?! (Well actually I do but I can’t be arsed haha)

I’ve been using this Tinted Moisturiser by Nivea which is perfect for those hot days, it has SPF 15 in, gives just enough coverage and doesn’t feel heavy… Also I’ve been applying it with my fingers so been giving my buffing brush a break. To give my under eyes an extra boost I’ve been applying the Rimmel Wake me up concealer, I love this concealer!!

To purely save time I have been using my Sleek FaceForm contour kit, the bronzer to make my face have shape and a bit of blusher. I haven’t even been bothering with eyeshadow so just a splodge of Benefit Rollerlash mascara, then I whack a bit of the powder from the Sleek Brow kit through my slugs and a dab of 8 hour cream and I’m out the door…

Just don’t want to waste time painting my face when I can be playing Lego, play dough or in the garden with my lad haha.

Anyway, just wanted to add a little note: I’m sorry I haven’t been posting up, I do work a job and a mum (I know many bloggers do it too) but I don’t want to be sitting there writing posts during the day I would much rather be playing and having fun and in the evenings that’s when I pamper up and catch up on TV and spend time with my man. I will be posting but it’s impossible for me to post every day 🙂 that said I LOVE blogging and it helps me relax. Xx