Currently Loving – Top 5!

I thought I would chuck a little post together telling you what I’ve been loving lately! 

I’ve done a blog post on these but I really love them, and my hair feels so nice! It’s the Boots Fresh and Nutty Coconut Shampoo and conditioner. It’s so clarifying and smells incredible! Feels like such a treat when I use these. The conditioner definitely rivals my expensive deep conditioners. 

Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream, this was quite a new addition but I bought it a few weeks ago and used it every day since. It’s so light but gives me just enough coverage. It also smells really nice but so strong that it makes me breakout. 

Essie cute as a button nail polish, this has to be my 6th or 7th bottle I love it, always my go to when I don’t know what colour to have on. My mum loves this colour too! It’s just a great polish and Essie do make some good ones! I have also been loving stay yummy which is a red but a deep red (I think I subconsciously want Christmas haha) 

As mentioned before I am always finding ways to relax and this unicorn colouring in book is ideal, mainly because it has unicorns but I love colouring in too whilst I watch TV. Instead of being on my phone I try and do something else. 

I know so many people that have mentioned this game but I had to get it to see what the fuss was about (no not Pokemon..) but Best Fiends. It’s so addictive and not as annoying as Candy Crush.. Although I did spend £1.49 for gold bars to get through a level because I just wasn’t doing it haha that was a 3am induced purchase though and regretted it straight away! 

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