The Friends Set

Oh my was I excited for this! My amazing friend Hayley surprised me with a trip to London to see the friends set. I was so excited before… On the day… During and after.

It was in Haggerston Park, there was a huge stage, and different sections like a shop, central Perk.. The boys apartment and cocktail bar, Monica’s apartment, Diner etc. It’s Β£24 a ticket per person and the tickets sold out really quick!

Here are a few pictures from the day…

I didn’t get many pictures without us guys in the picture but the girl to the left (bottom picture) is my friend Hayley, (I’m next to Hayley) and Rose is on the left. They’re such amazing girlies and had such a wicked day with them! Really want to do it all over again. It was great to spend the whole day with Friends fans! The food in the Diner was good too.. I had a pulled pork burger.. Amaze!

If Friends Fest is back next year I 100% recommend it if you love friends! You also won’t be out of place quoting the random Friends scene haha. X


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