FitBit Alta

FitBit Alta

Fitbits were a trend.. that some of us are still enjoying and others have given up on. Personally I love my Fitbit and was gutted when I noticed my Charge wasn’t counting my steps. Fitbit were amazing though!! Really can’t fault their customer service. I contacted them as originally I thought it was my battery, they sent me a page full of tips and tricks. Then I noticed it was the step counting as the issue. They kindly sent me the new Alta in Plum (that’s the colour charge I wanted but didn’t want the HR one) I feel unbelievably grateful for Fitbit for sending me a new tracker… and it’s beautiful.

Setting up was easy as was the Charge and I feel like I am back on track again. I am not getting my 10,000 steps everyday though. No excuses obviously lol.

The definite benefits of having a Fitbit is not just the step counting but the app is amazing, you can log calorie intake, fluid intake, tracks sleep, other exercise etc. If you are the type of person that needs motivation to get moving I definitely recommend this tracker and app for iPhone. This tracker has a reminder setting so it will vibrate when you haven’t moved for awhile… gets me moving!

I also came across FitStar in the App Store which is a personal training app which links to your Fitbit. I have the Basic version as the premium is £5.99 a month which gives you unlimited exercises and workouts. The Basic version of the app limits you to two sessions per week which if I’m honest is more than enough for me at the moment as trying to get back into doing my Yoga Studio every day!

If you have any recommendations for exercise apps please let me know… I will be eating a lot this winter so damage control would be good.

Autumn Makeup Picks

Autumn Makeup Picks

Let’s face it this is the best time of year for make up isn’t it. I like Spring and all the corals and the golden goddess looks but gold looks so much better with a berry lip… not to mention it’s cooler so the make up doesn’t slide off your face by midday. You can pop on just a little more contour, matte foundation and don’t have to worry about matching your foundation to your fake tanned neck. It’s all about being pale and embracing layers… and eating as much food as possible to get festively plump haha.

So here are my top picks for autumn make up..

MAC Studio Fix Fluid – this is a full coverage foundation and doesn’t budge. I have this in 2 shades as I mix them if I’m not as pale as I thought. I like my Bourjois healthy mix but MAC just keeps pulling me back.

NARS Laguna Bronzer, as mentioned before this is my favourite bronzer ever, EVER! I use the Sleek face form kit for day to day for work but when I’m popping out with my boys for the day or for a meal this bronzer gets used. It’s just perfect! I am so glad my 30th birthday is soon… as I will be needing a new one of these by then.

Urban Decay Naked Palette – I had all 3 of the palettes but sold 2 and 3 as I only ever use this palette. It’s perfect, can create so many eye looks. Half Baked is my favourite and I have the individual one of it, as well as Sin and Naked. I love half baked in Autumn as it’s a perfect lid shade and lower lash line, bit of Buck through the crease and I’m ready to go.

I only ever usually wear lip balm every other month of the year but this is the time of year I like to wear a bit more on my lips and my favourite ever lipstick is MAC Rebel, I am a wimp when he comes to lipstick but I pat this on and it gives such a nice berry shade. Can also be built up to quite a dark colour!

Benefit Rocketeur Blusher, I love the Benefit Coralista and I think it’s the only reason I like Spring and Summer if I’m honest but as soon as it starts to get chillier Rocketuer comes out to play, it’s a perfect aumtunal shade, smells nice and gives a nice subtle highlight too.

NARS Black Eyeliner, I’m not usually one for eyeliner but in the colder months I tend to pop some eyeliner in my upper and lower water line. I think it just pulls the whole make up look together and give the lashes a fuller look.

What are your favourite Autumn make up picks? I want to know! X

Lush Haul

Lush Haul

I ran out of bath bombs so naturally a trip to lush was inevitable. So I popped into Brighton!

I walk in, grab a basket and crack on and I know exactly what I’m needing haha.

I got my usual Twilight bath bombs (well 3 lol), I did a review on these and they are definitely my all time favourite!!

Big Blue I got two of these for those evenings I really need a lavender boost, I love everything about this one, the way my skin feels after is amazing.

I got two of the think pink bath bombs, to me these aren’t anything amazing but perfect for those baths when I know I won’t be ages but need something.

The Comforter bubble bar, I got two of these and can usually get 3 or 4 baths out of a bar!! The smell of these are so amazing definitely my favourite bubble bar! Actually it’s the only bubble bar I get.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb, I saw this little guy and had to try him!! Isn’t he cute, he’s supposed to smell like pumpkin pie. I don’t eat pumpkin pie but I’m definitely up for bathing in it haha.

Autumn leaves, now I had to get this after its name, my favourite time of year and there’s a bath bomb for it. It really does smell like a walk in the park minus dog poo! Can’t wait to try this. Although it’s so pretty I don’t want to use it!

Monster, the lady in lush suggested this as I said I love the comforter, and this one smells just as sweet and he’s pretty cute too. Be sad to see him fizz away haha.

When I get home I always wrap my bath bombs in cling film and pop them in this little acrylic bath…. it lives in my wardrobe. I would love to have them on show but I think my little guy would think they’re toys lol.

Which bath bomb is your favourite? I’m going back once the Christmas stock is out! Yay!

One of those moods..

One of those moods..

You know those moods you have when you’re tired, but you can’t sleep, you have a bubbly feeling in your belly and you’re not 100% sure why? I’ve been feeling like this for a couple of weeks now, however, I know why. I’m thinking ALOT.. some stuff that’s important and some stuff that really isn’t, well not to an outside perspective anyway. I have a very few people I talk completely open with, one being my mum naturally. She doesn’t beat around the bush when she tells me I’m being a “daft batt” I love that about my mum… she keeps me grounded haha.

Anyway the point of the post is telling you how I help myself when I’m in one of those anxious, tired, overthinking moods. I touched on how I suffer with Anxiety before but I must admit I am learning to manage it better when I have those “phases” now.

1. Talk… I always text a certain friend who totally understands my way of thinking and helps me rationalise, she is one of my favourite people in the world and without her I would be lost. She suffers too which is how she understands and luckily we have never had a “phase” together haha… imagine the carnage. Talking really helps though, especially as she makes me laugh!

2. Playing with my lad, my son is my whole reason, my whole life and everything I do. Even playing something simple like lego, making cakes, smoothies or even swashbuckle on the iPad helps. We tell each other stories and laugh too which is the best!

3. Family – I find having my family around such a comfort, I’m such a home body that I get homesick even now and I’m almost 30!! Moved out 6 years ago and I still find myself going “home” for a cuddle lol. I am extremely lucky I have the people around me that I do and I really do appreciate them so much.

4. Bath Time, sounds a simple idea for me as I love baths but not having it too hot helps ease any tension caused by any anxiety as the hotter the bath, higher the heart rate… more panic… took me awhile to figure this one out lol, washing my face, and laying in bubbles just soothes the soul… and having something funny on the iPad makes it even better!

5. Something funny.. as mentioned in 4. I watch something funny on the iPad, but even whacking on a couple of episodes of friends is sometimes all it takes to snap me out of a mood.

6. Bed.. everyone always says get up and do something but sometimes laying in bed watching tv is just what you need. Spend a Sunday chilling out in bed, moving if you have to. Obviously I have a toddler so a whole Sunday in bed is out of the question however my other half is pretty awesome and even an hour in bed on my own watching rubbish on tv is all I need.

Let me know what you do when you have a crappy day or in a rubbish mood. I mentioned before that I use a lot of lavender and de stress oils and I really do recommend them as natural alternatives before anything else.

Cornflake Cake

Cornflake Cake

My little man has taken an interest in baking lately and I am no Mary Berry let me tell you, however, I make a mean cornflake cake so thought I would share how I make them with you.

What you need:

Big Saucepan, wooden spoon, muffin tin, muffin cases x 9, 100g milk chocolate, 50g butter, 100g cornflakes and 3 tablespoons of golden syrup.

First off I get everything out ready, I pop the muffin cases in the tin. I melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup on a low heat so it doesn’t burn. Once all melted I let it cool for a couple of minutes then mix in the cornflakes.

Once all the chocolate has covered the cornflakes nicely I spoon out a nice amount and pop into each casing.

I chuck them (not literally) in the fridge for a couple of hours to set. Then boom ready to eat… they’re gooey and crunchy and perfection! So easy to make too… it’s really fun getting Jake involved too as he gets so excited.

Let me know if you love cornflake cakes! X

Currently Loving – September Edition

Currently Loving – September Edition

I love September… Start of Autumn, the weather gets colder, my tights come out, along with boots and the dresses that are too dull for Summer.

So without further a do, this is what I have been loving ALOT lately…

Tea… A nice cup of tea in one of the many cups I have. I struggle to have caffeine so decaf tea is just as satisfying and warms the cockles whilst watching a bit of TV. Some nights if I really need it I will have a Snore and Peace tea.

Talking of TV it’s that time of year where GBBO and X factor are back on our screens and X factor is only clarification that Christmas is on its way! And Christmas is the best.

Makeup is slightly changing too, it’s getting darker, making more effort with what I am putting on my face, in fact in Summer I think I mainly just wore mascara. I just have so much more motivation when the weather cools down.  I will be doing an updated make up routine shortly though, once I am in full swing of Autumn, but loving all the Autumn make up trends at the moment!

My favourite products..

L’Oréal Detox Face Mask has to be up there, it is my most used at the moment, I love how you see it work straight into those bad boy pores.. the fella likes it too so certainly a winner.

Tisserand De-Stress Bath Oil.. I have literally just finished my third bottle of this.. breaks my heart every time. I love the smell it just totally relaxes me. Certainly a comfort smell for me, I really love how the oil makes my skin feel too, I don’t moisturise after I’ve used this in the bath as really don’t need to and want the smell on me, I do use the body oil after too.

Osmo Deep Moisture Intensive Repair Mask… long arse name but amazing product and it’s not that expensive either, I recently went back proper blonde… I let my hair have a bleach break for 6 whole months (it was a killer not going to lie) but my hair has certainly thanked me for it. The condition is so much better than before and this hair mask is incredible! Not only smells amazing but it makes my hair so shiny and manageable. I use this every time I was my hair (every 3 days) and I leave it on an extra 5 minutes when I have used a purple toner as I find the purple shampoo makes my hair feel dry.

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub, I learnt the hard way but please don’t use this after shaving haha… I use this once a week and before I shave, it’s so lovely and moisturising and exfoliating all at once. My legs feel so smooth after. I have been using this on my feet too before getting out the bath and it’s like a super quick pedicure.

Talking of which, on my toes I have been loving the Gellux, I have on my toes at the moment Black Tulip, perfect for Autumn/Winter! I decided I am not keen on the Gel on my hands as it was quite damaging.

Pizza…. I am obsessed with pizza and BBQ sauce…

Let me know what you have been loving as always up for trying new things 🙂