Currently Loving – September Edition

I love September… Start of Autumn, the weather gets colder, my tights come out, along with boots and the dresses that are too dull for Summer.

So without further a do, this is what I have been loving ALOT lately…

Tea… A nice cup of tea in one of the many cups I have. I struggle to have caffeine so decaf tea is just as satisfying and warms the cockles whilst watching a bit of TV. Some nights if I really need it I will have a Snore and Peace tea.

Talking of TV it’s that time of year where GBBO and X factor are back on our screens and X factor is only clarification that Christmas is on its way! And Christmas is the best.

Makeup is slightly changing too, it’s getting darker, making more effort with what I am putting on my face, in fact in Summer I think I mainly just wore mascara. I just have so much more motivation when the weather cools down.  I will be doing an updated make up routine shortly though, once I am in full swing of Autumn, but loving all the Autumn make up trends at the moment!

My favourite products..

L’Oréal Detox Face Mask has to be up there, it is my most used at the moment, I love how you see it work straight into those bad boy pores.. the fella likes it too so certainly a winner.

Tisserand De-Stress Bath Oil.. I have literally just finished my third bottle of this.. breaks my heart every time. I love the smell it just totally relaxes me. Certainly a comfort smell for me, I really love how the oil makes my skin feel too, I don’t moisturise after I’ve used this in the bath as really don’t need to and want the smell on me, I do use the body oil after too.

Osmo Deep Moisture Intensive Repair Mask… long arse name but amazing product and it’s not that expensive either, I recently went back proper blonde… I let my hair have a bleach break for 6 whole months (it was a killer not going to lie) but my hair has certainly thanked me for it. The condition is so much better than before and this hair mask is incredible! Not only smells amazing but it makes my hair so shiny and manageable. I use this every time I was my hair (every 3 days) and I leave it on an extra 5 minutes when I have used a purple toner as I find the purple shampoo makes my hair feel dry.

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub, I learnt the hard way but please don’t use this after shaving haha… I use this once a week and before I shave, it’s so lovely and moisturising and exfoliating all at once. My legs feel so smooth after. I have been using this on my feet too before getting out the bath and it’s like a super quick pedicure.

Talking of which, on my toes I have been loving the Gellux, I have on my toes at the moment Black Tulip, perfect for Autumn/Winter! I decided I am not keen on the Gel on my hands as it was quite damaging.

Pizza…. I am obsessed with pizza and BBQ sauce…

Let me know what you have been loving as always up for trying new things 🙂


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