One of those moods..

You know those moods you have when you’re tired, but you can’t sleep, you have a bubbly feeling in your belly and you’re not 100% sure why? I’ve been feeling like this for a couple of weeks now, however, I know why. I’m thinking ALOT.. some stuff that’s important and some stuff that really isn’t, well not to an outside perspective anyway. I have a very few people I talk completely open with, one being my mum naturally. She doesn’t beat around the bush when she tells me I’m being a “daft batt” I love that about my mum… she keeps me grounded haha.

Anyway the point of the post is telling you how I help myself when I’m in one of those anxious, tired, overthinking moods. I touched on how I suffer with Anxiety before but I must admit I am learning to manage it better when I have those “phases” now.

1. Talk… I always text a certain friend who totally understands my way of thinking and helps me rationalise, she is one of my favourite people in the world and without her I would be lost. She suffers too which is how she understands and luckily we have never had a “phase” together haha… imagine the carnage. Talking really helps though, especially as she makes me laugh!

2. Playing with my lad, my son is my whole reason, my whole life and everything I do. Even playing something simple like lego, making cakes, smoothies or even swashbuckle on the iPad helps. We tell each other stories and laugh too which is the best!

3. Family – I find having my family around such a comfort, I’m such a home body that I get homesick even now and I’m almost 30!! Moved out 6 years ago and I still find myself going “home” for a cuddle lol. I am extremely lucky I have the people around me that I do and I really do appreciate them so much.

4. Bath Time, sounds a simple idea for me as I love baths but not having it too hot helps ease any tension caused by any anxiety as the hotter the bath, higher the heart rate… more panic… took me awhile to figure this one out lol, washing my face, and laying in bubbles just soothes the soul… and having something funny on the iPad makes it even better!

5. Something funny.. as mentioned in 4. I watch something funny on the iPad, but even whacking on a couple of episodes of friends is sometimes all it takes to snap me out of a mood.

6. Bed.. everyone always says get up and do something but sometimes laying in bed watching tv is just what you need. Spend a Sunday chilling out in bed, moving if you have to. Obviously I have a toddler so a whole Sunday in bed is out of the question however my other half is pretty awesome and even an hour in bed on my own watching rubbish on tv is all I need.

Let me know what you do when you have a crappy day or in a rubbish mood. I mentioned before that I use a lot of lavender and de stress oils and I really do recommend them as natural alternatives before anything else.


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