Lush Haul

I ran out of bath bombs so naturally a trip to lush was inevitable. So I popped into Brighton!

I walk in, grab a basket and crack on and I know exactly what I’m needing haha.

I got my usual Twilight bath bombs (well 3 lol), I did a review on these and they are definitely my all time favourite!!

Big Blue I got two of these for those evenings I really need a lavender boost, I love everything about this one, the way my skin feels after is amazing.

I got two of the think pink bath bombs, to me these aren’t anything amazing but perfect for those baths when I know I won’t be ages but need something.

The Comforter bubble bar, I got two of these and can usually get 3 or 4 baths out of a bar!! The smell of these are so amazing definitely my favourite bubble bar! Actually it’s the only bubble bar I get.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb, I saw this little guy and had to try him!! Isn’t he cute, he’s supposed to smell like pumpkin pie. I don’t eat pumpkin pie but I’m definitely up for bathing in it haha.

Autumn leaves, now I had to get this after its name, my favourite time of year and there’s a bath bomb for it. It really does smell like a walk in the park minus dog poo! Can’t wait to try this. Although it’s so pretty I don’t want to use it!

Monster, the lady in lush suggested this as I said I love the comforter, and this one smells just as sweet and he’s pretty cute too. Be sad to see him fizz away haha.

When I get home I always wrap my bath bombs in cling film and pop them in this little acrylic bath…. it lives in my wardrobe. I would love to have them on show but I think my little guy would think they’re toys lol.

Which bath bomb is your favourite? I’m going back once the Christmas stock is out! Yay!

8 thoughts on “Lush Haul

    1. I love the Big Blue, oddly enough I haven’t bought that for awhile though!! I love the comforter but had no idea they had a shower cream!!! I must have been hiding somewhere haha xxxxxxx thank you for commenting πŸ™‚ xxxxx


      1. Ah it’s loveeeeely, I love it so much! & yes, they do, it’s pretty new and will be wherever the shower gel stock is in your local store, bright pink, smells gorgeous, check it out next time you’re in! Xxx


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