FitBit Alta

Fitbits were a trend.. that some of us are still enjoying and others have given up on. Personally I love my Fitbit and was gutted when I noticed my Charge wasn’t counting my steps. Fitbit were amazing though!! Really can’t fault their customer service. I contacted them as originally I thought it was my battery, they sent me a page full of tips and tricks. Then I noticed it was the step counting as the issue. They kindly sent me the new Alta in Plum (that’s the colour charge I wanted but didn’t want the HR one) I feel unbelievably grateful for Fitbit for sending me a new tracker… and it’s beautiful.

Setting up was easy as was the Charge and I feel like I am back on track again. I am not getting my 10,000 steps everyday though. No excuses obviously lol.

The definite benefits of having a Fitbit is not just the step counting but the app is amazing, you can log calorie intake, fluid intake, tracks sleep, other exercise etc. If you are the type of person that needs motivation to get moving I definitely recommend this tracker and app for iPhone. This tracker has a reminder setting so it will vibrate when you haven’t moved for awhile… gets me moving!

I also came across FitStar in the App Store which is a personal training app which links to your Fitbit. I have the Basic version as the premium is £5.99 a month which gives you unlimited exercises and workouts. The Basic version of the app limits you to two sessions per week which if I’m honest is more than enough for me at the moment as trying to get back into doing my Yoga Studio every day!

If you have any recommendations for exercise apps please let me know… I will be eating a lot this winter so damage control would be good.


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