November Favourites 

November Favourites 

Another month has gone by in 2016 and I can’t quite believe how fast this year has gone. Although I am sooooo happy we are now closer to Christmas it’s also getting closer to a new year, time for making resolutions that go out the window by the 6th of January when I’m tucking into a dominoes, drinking coke and mumbling about starting again 1st Feb… then forgetting and just accepting the fact I’ll have a summer body for the following Summer and one more “festively plump” Summer will be ok. 

Top thing I’ve been loving is getting organised for Christmas, I was done and wrapped by mid November and been loving it. Although not enjoying seeing the presents wrapped and not under the tree, I have been loving buying all the Christmas decorations and mentally noting where I will put things.

Absolutley loving the L’Oreal Extraordinary hair oil. This has been a staple in my hair care routine for a long time now. In fact this almost empty bottle is my 4th and I have a new one ready and waiting. It’s great for a pre shampoo treat, amazing for wet hair before drying and great for taming frizz on dry hair.

Maybelline Colour tattoo in on and on bronze. I have had this awhile but really started loving it this month. It’s so quick and easy to apply, blends easily and lasts all day. Great for those quick make up looks and you can’t be bothered to cut crease etc.

Keeping on the eye theme I have been using the Maybelline LashSensational mascara in brown. I am not usually a fan of brown mascara but this is quite natural and makes the lashes look long and full. Winning with the colour tattoo.

iPhone 7… not sure whether I should put my phone in a favourites post but I got my phone after breaking my iPhone 6s. As much as I loved my 6s it had a sorry old time… 2 broken screens and a broken speaker. Never had I broken a screen before and then I break two in the space of 2 months. So I took the plunge and got the iPhone  7 and I love it! It’s super quick… the camera is amazing and I’ve named it Britney haha.

With having a new phone I had to get a new phone case.. or 3. I got this lovely Queen Bee case which I had to get! I love Bees! And this Gingerbread man case.. will be my festive phone case this year, both from Skinny Dip. I also bought a clear plastic one from Amazon but not sure I will get much use but good to have a back up.

GlossyBox and Look Fantastic beauty subscription boxes, I jumped back on the wagon of beauty boxes and yet to regret it. Loved everything I have received so far. Certainly a great present idea for a beauty addict.

My favourite YouTuber lately is Amy Being Mum.. she’s so relatable and lovely. Definitely check her out and subscribe.

Skincare has played a massive part in my month, trying bits and bobs which I have done previous posts about. I have been loving  everything and can’t wait to try more products from my beauty boxes and ASOS advent calendar. I am always up for cleanser recommendations.

My favourite blogger has been BeautyAnalyst.. obviously! (@beautyanalyst1) We started our blogs around the same time and got chatting. Her blog is so good and very easy to read with easy on the eye photos.

Hope you’ve liked this different favourites post, I usually post about beauty.. but loved more than beauty in November.

Roll on Christmas now! Jumpers, hot chocolate and Christmas songs xxx

Favourite Winter Nail Varnishes

Favourite Winter Nail Varnishes

This time of year it’s all about the darks and reds when it comes to nails. I love the Essie polishes and Sinful they apply great and are quite chip resistant.

I love this dark colour called luxedo it’s great for nails just with a little bit of nail so not long but not super short either. Quite chic… pain to remove though lol.

These reds I love as they’re quite festive, they look the same but one is a little darker I promise haha the one on the left is called forever yummy and the one on the right is fishnet stockings.

To vamp up the dark or red i love these glitters. Gold (V.I.P) and silver (Cosmic) make any nail polish have that Christmas vibe.

This polish is quite sheer it’s called not just a pretty face can be built up to make the colour on the bottle but it goes on quite a nude pink, perfect for when you can’t decide what colour to have but want something on your nails.

I have all about my at home manicure on my blog, just search manicure in the search bar and it will take you straight to it. (I haven’t figured out how to link old posts yet…)

Hope this has been helpful if you’re on the look out for some nail polish colour ideas 🙂 x

Wendy Rowe Glossy Box 

Wendy Rowe Glossy Box 

Total impulse buy… got the email and thought why not?! I work.. I love make up and it’s a bargain. Not to mention I wanted to try the Sarah Chapman spot stickers… but more on them below…

It arrived in this beautifully presented box…

I took a photo because.. well… blog post… but I was itching to get inside. There was a little card talking about all the products but I never look at those as I like the excitement.

I noticed the Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers first as saw these online and really wanted to try them. I got 10 stickers, I haven’t used them yet as I am lucky enough not have any monsters growing on my face at the moment haha.

The Burberry Nude Radiance in Fresh Glow was the next thing I had to look at. This is a strange one for me. It looks like a highlighter in the bottle but gives just a glow, just a hint of something. I like it. Not as in your face as something as the Mary Lou but just perfect if you just want a little summin summin on the high points of your face or can use it to make your foundation more illuminating.

The Burberry lipstick in Nude Beige I wasn’t too excited about, I’m a not a lipstick person but this is a nice nude and I think great to wear every day and it’s small enough just to keep in my bag for those emergency oh my god I look like crap I better sort my face out sort of situation.

A 50ml tube of the Decleor 1000 grain body exfoliator and body aroma comfort hydrating body moisturiser which are very nice I must say. I used them exfoliator on my legs before shaving and it’s lovely how it turns to an oil as you massage it in and then to a milk when mixed with the water. The soufflé was perfectly scented and made my legs hydrated and smooth after the shower. It’s a luxury product and not one I would waste on just an ordinary shower but certainly for those pampering evenings!

The Windle + Moodie hair moisturiser, if I had been filmed opening and going through the products you would of seen a very confused Lucy haha. I didn’t know anything like this existed. I couldn’t wait to try it. I got a bit in my hand and massaged (a tad too much) into the ends of my hair. It made my hair really soft so will use this up… not sure I would pay £18.50 for it though but we will see when it runs out. 

I have wanted to try the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask for so long mainly because the packaging is gorgeous, I haven’t tried this yet but may do a post just on this as it smells divine so I have high hopes for it.

Rodin Olio Lusso luxury face oil, now… I used his.. a little goes a very long way and it has such a calming smell!! Very luxury indeed.

Instant Skin Smoothing Masque, I like that this comes in individual packets, even when you buy the full pack. (Pack of 10 for £50) I have yet to try this but again I have high hopes… fingers crossed lol.

And last but not least.. Decleor Hydrating Oil Serum… anything claiming to be an oil, serum and hydrating has my attention so can’t wait to try this… again I will let you know my thoughts.

I don’t regret buying this limited edition box at all! I will get use out of all the products and I may just have to take the plunge and buy the Sisley mask if I like it! X

HailiCare Electric Facial Cleansing Brush 

HailiCare Electric Facial Cleansing Brush 

I have wanted a Foreo for awhile but they are quite pricey. I then saw the “dupes” on Amazon and thought why not try one! I don’t know if this is a great dupe for the Foreo as haven’t had the pleasure of trying one however this is great. I enjoy using it. It was around £10 and unfortunately isn’t available on Amazon now but there are so many others on there.

I cleaned the bristles first and made sure it was charged.. using the USB cable it comes with. You can press the – button to slow it down or the + to speed it up. I find the setting it turns on as is perfect for me.

I massage cleanser and water onto my skin and then use the cleansing brush in circular motions around my face for around a minute. From first use this made my skin so smooth.

It hasn’t made me breakout like the Clarisonic did after using it (I still use my Clarisonic but very rarely) but I have been using this cleansing brush every morning and evening to try it out. My skin looks a lot more glowy too so look less tired.

This has natural silicone bristles too and very easy to clean. What I love most about this is that you don’t need to buy replacement heads or anything and it’s easily charged. If you turn the brush over it has other bristles which work amazing for facial massage. I do think though that this will be great for those pamper evenings as my hands do the job nicely for cleansing my face. 

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

I really didn’t want to jump onto this bang wagon, mainly because I really really really didn’t want to love this product.

My mum got a mini pot in her M&S advent calendar and gave it to me as she has so many face products it makes Boots look out of stock haha. I bit her hand off though as wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

Well… let’s start with the smell.. you know I love my smells when it comes to cleansers and wow.. just wow… wow again… the smell did something to me. The packaging although a small pot felt luxurious.

I removed my make up first as didn’t want to use loads to take my war paint off, so used this as a second cleanse. It massages so nicely into the skin it’s incredible. I understand the hype. I get it… in fact.. the full size is on my birthday wish list. It’s RRP is £38 so a pricey product but I think using it as a second cleanse makes me feel like I’m getting more for my money. X

Body Shop Youth Drops and Vitamin C Moisturiser 

Body Shop Youth Drops and Vitamin C Moisturiser 

I was going to do these in separate posts but I have been using them both now for the last week and a bit and had to talk about them.

I got a sample of the Youth Drops in the October Glossy Box and loved them instantly. I went to the Body Shop website and saw they had an offer. If you spent £50 you got £25 off and the big bottle of Youth Drops was £32… so a no brainer to get something else.

The Youth Drops certainly haven’t disappointed, I use them after cleansing and toning and they make my skin soooooo soft. It’s amazing. I have only been using it at night but I really notice the difference in my skin. It feels more plump and soft. Hopefully by Christmas I’ll look 20 again haha.

To make up the £50 spend I decided to go for the Vitamin C moisturiser, not sure why but just fancied trying it and I am so glad I did. I have been using this in the morning and it’s a Gel texture moisturiser so different to the LE one I’m used to. It’s energising and the smell does wake me up. I haven’t noticed anything WOW but my skin hasn’t been too dry because of the Youth Drops. I would definitely get the vitamin c moisturiser again just for the smell and thinking next time I make an order I’ll have the whole range in the basket!

I also bought some vanilla bath fizzers just to test, they’re ok… but I won’t rush to buy more. They did make the bath smell good though.

Always check out the Body Shop website as they have some amazing deals on there. X

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask

I don’t like sheet masks… just throwing that out there haha but my friend Rachael asked if I tried it, then I saw it half price in Boots or Superdrug, I can’t remember now lol and thought it would be worth a go and a blog post. My friend Rachael said it wasn’t nice during but was worth the benefits.

I got it out the pack and it was a typical sheet mask… slimy and annoying. I slapped it on my face and was pleasantly surprised at how it stayed on my face and wasn’t uncomfortable like some others I had tried.

It smelt nice, not too much but smelt of moisturiser and it’s certainly not a bad thing. I kept the mask on for about 15 minutes and peeled it off. I did take a picture but it looked too terrifying to put on the internet haha, besides thought I would lose followers!

I massaged the serum like slime that was left on my face and desperately wanted to wash my face. My face certainly felt moisturised not going to deny that. But I needed to do the rest of my skincare afterwards.

The next morning however, well, my face has never felt so new!! It was worth the uncomfortable 20 minutes the night before. If you like sheet masks this will be a winner… if you hate sheet masks you just might semi like it but the results are worth it. X