October GlossyBox

I jumped straight onto the bandwagon again when it comes to beauty boxes. I’ve dabbled in Glossybox and Birchbox before and then cancelled after a few months as ended up with so many minis… but I have a serious lack of minis so thought it was time to get back into the monthly treat.

I know blogging about the October Box means I am a bit late to the game but I loved everything in the box so had to babble about it.

Opening the box I see the familiar wrapping and I get the buzz of excitement about what could be lurking under the pink paper!

The first product I notice is the “mystery” hair product which isn’t a mystery as I knew by the smell it was head and shoulders and then had to find out what it was and I was right. I absolutely love the Head & Shoulders range so a mini is just what I need for my over night bag!

Next little fella that caught my eye was the body shop drops of youth serum, I’ve wanted to try this for so long but I am not really one for serums as I like my oils but have been wanting to try a serum for the morning so this came at the perfect time, I tried it and it made my skin so smooth.

Anything honey, bee, calming and exfoliating has me… and when I first applied this it was gritty but not too much.. just perfect and it was moisturising. I really enjoyed the smell of this and using it. I left it on for 5 minutes and then rinsed it off. Left my skin smooth and dry patches eliminated.. win!

If I’m honest the mascara didn’t excite me, until I opened it up and saw the wand of course. These are the types of wands I’m after (apart from magic ones) I couldn’t wait to try this, so popped some on and wow… literally gave me the same length and volume as the Benefit Roller Lash. This is £3 from Primark… Run.. Go… Get… Its a Winner. Will be trying more from the Primark range now.

This didn’t get me buzzing but I am pleasantly surprised, the lipstick is a nice colour, moisturising and the packaging is really cute. I have only tried this on and not tested it out properly but it’s ok so far and a great colour for day to day.

I love multi use products when I’m in a rush but I think this will be a product I’ll be grabbing for my cheeks, bit drying on the lips but on the cheeks it’s really nice. Not too much but just enough to give you a natural glow. Reminds me of the Nars multiple but a little less dewy.

So all in all I am very happy with my first Glossybox (take 2) lol. I can’t wait for the November box now! X


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