Head and Shoulders

For awhile seeing posts and YouTube videos about head and shoulders I would roll my eyes… great another sponsored post/video. However… this isn’t sponsored and I understand the hype of the product now.

For ages I just assumed you should only use it if you have dandruff but I get a really dry itchy scalp when I’m stressed or been upset (really upset.. not just I stub my toe upset lol) so I thought I should try it. Literally from the first wash my head and hair had been transformed. I wasn’t itchy and my hair felt really soft… manageable and was shiny. Which is quite an achievement with blonde damaged hair haha.

I then signed up to glossy box and the head and shoulders shampoo was the mystery product, I recognised the smell instantly and was chuffed I then had a mini for my over night bag. Also made me want to write about it.

When using the shampoo it’s lathers really nicely so really feels like your hair is being cleaned, squeaky clean. Then smell is really nice too and quite comforting, I could be on my own thinking that though haha.

If you have used it and loved it, let me know below. Also what other products have you tried from Head & Shoulders are they all just as good? X


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