L’Oreal Facial Cleansing Oil

I had watched Amelia Liana talk about this on her YouTube channel and thought it was worth a go as it was on offer in Boots. As you may know I use my Liz Earle skincare religiously but I like switching it up now and then. I like to take my make up off with something and use LE as my second cleanse at the moment. I have also been trying something else out for my morning cleanse so a post on that soon.

I like the packaging of this product as it’s not bulky, and I like that it’s a plastic bottle not glass. I use two pumps of this and massage into dry skin. It’s oily but it’s like a dry oil and it dissolves make up really well. I had to work a little harder to remove my mascara though but I always find that effort lol.

I removed the oil using a Muslin and my skin felt really soft. My skin didn’t feel dry afterwards, even though I left it awhile before doing the rest of my skincare so that’s always good. I hate using a product and then immediately having to moisturise because my face feels like I’ve got a clay mask on.

As a first cleanse in the evening this is great, I wouldn’t use this for the morning as I prefer my LE or a gel cleanser for the AM.

I am wanting to try more cleansers out so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. X


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