Body Shop Youth Drops and Vitamin C Moisturiser 

I was going to do these in separate posts but I have been using them both now for the last week and a bit and had to talk about them.

I got a sample of the Youth Drops in the October Glossy Box and loved them instantly. I went to the Body Shop website and saw they had an offer. If you spent £50 you got £25 off and the big bottle of Youth Drops was £32… so a no brainer to get something else.

The Youth Drops certainly haven’t disappointed, I use them after cleansing and toning and they make my skin soooooo soft. It’s amazing. I have only been using it at night but I really notice the difference in my skin. It feels more plump and soft. Hopefully by Christmas I’ll look 20 again haha.

To make up the £50 spend I decided to go for the Vitamin C moisturiser, not sure why but just fancied trying it and I am so glad I did. I have been using this in the morning and it’s a Gel texture moisturiser so different to the LE one I’m used to. It’s energising and the smell does wake me up. I haven’t noticed anything WOW but my skin hasn’t been too dry because of the Youth Drops. I would definitely get the vitamin c moisturiser again just for the smell and thinking next time I make an order I’ll have the whole range in the basket!

I also bought some vanilla bath fizzers just to test, they’re ok… but I won’t rush to buy more. They did make the bath smell good though.

Always check out the Body Shop website as they have some amazing deals on there. X


6 thoughts on “Body Shop Youth Drops and Vitamin C Moisturiser 

      1. I just bought the Aloe Soothingg Rescue facemask and it amazing for like instand hydration, and the Vitamin C eyecream is my ultimate fave. I have others as well (combination skin problems) such as the clay masks which are so good to deep clean your skin!! Xxxxx

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