HailiCare Electric Facial Cleansing Brush 

I have wanted a Foreo for awhile but they are quite pricey. I then saw the “dupes” on Amazon and thought why not try one! I don’t know if this is a great dupe for the Foreo as haven’t had the pleasure of trying one however this is great. I enjoy using it. It was around £10 and unfortunately isn’t available on Amazon now but there are so many others on there.

I cleaned the bristles first and made sure it was charged.. using the USB cable it comes with. You can press the – button to slow it down or the + to speed it up. I find the setting it turns on as is perfect for me.

I massage cleanser and water onto my skin and then use the cleansing brush in circular motions around my face for around a minute. From first use this made my skin so smooth.

It hasn’t made me breakout like the Clarisonic did after using it (I still use my Clarisonic but very rarely) but I have been using this cleansing brush every morning and evening to try it out. My skin looks a lot more glowy too so look less tired.

This has natural silicone bristles too and very easy to clean. What I love most about this is that you don’t need to buy replacement heads or anything and it’s easily charged. If you turn the brush over it has other bristles which work amazing for facial massage. I do think though that this will be great for those pamper evenings as my hands do the job nicely for cleansing my face. 


5 thoughts on “HailiCare Electric Facial Cleansing Brush 

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