Wendy Rowe Glossy Box 

Total impulse buy… got the email and thought why not?! I work.. I love make up and it’s a bargain. Not to mention I wanted to try the Sarah Chapman spot stickers… but more on them below…

It arrived in this beautifully presented box…

I took a photo because.. well… blog post… but I was itching to get inside. There was a little card talking about all the products but I never look at those as I like the excitement.

I noticed the Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers first as saw these online and really wanted to try them. I got 10 stickers, I haven’t used them yet as I am lucky enough not have any monsters growing on my face at the moment haha.

The Burberry Nude Radiance in Fresh Glow was the next thing I had to look at. This is a strange one for me. It looks like a highlighter in the bottle but gives just a glow, just a hint of something. I like it. Not as in your face as something as the Mary Lou but just perfect if you just want a little summin summin on the high points of your face or can use it to make your foundation more illuminating.

The Burberry lipstick in Nude Beige I wasn’t too excited about, I’m a not a lipstick person but this is a nice nude and I think great to wear every day and it’s small enough just to keep in my bag for those emergency oh my god I look like crap I better sort my face out sort of situation.

A 50ml tube of the Decleor 1000 grain body exfoliator and body aroma comfort hydrating body moisturiser which are very nice I must say. I used them exfoliator on my legs before shaving and it’s lovely how it turns to an oil as you massage it in and then to a milk when mixed with the water. The soufflé was perfectly scented and made my legs hydrated and smooth after the shower. It’s a luxury product and not one I would waste on just an ordinary shower but certainly for those pampering evenings!

The Windle + Moodie hair moisturiser, if I had been filmed opening and going through the products you would of seen a very confused Lucy haha. I didn’t know anything like this existed. I couldn’t wait to try it. I got a bit in my hand and massaged (a tad too much) into the ends of my hair. It made my hair really soft so will use this up… not sure I would pay £18.50 for it though but we will see when it runs out. 

I have wanted to try the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask for so long mainly because the packaging is gorgeous, I haven’t tried this yet but may do a post just on this as it smells divine so I have high hopes for it.

Rodin Olio Lusso luxury face oil, now… I used his.. a little goes a very long way and it has such a calming smell!! Very luxury indeed.

Instant Skin Smoothing Masque, I like that this comes in individual packets, even when you buy the full pack. (Pack of 10 for £50) I have yet to try this but again I have high hopes… fingers crossed lol.

And last but not least.. Decleor Hydrating Oil Serum… anything claiming to be an oil, serum and hydrating has my attention so can’t wait to try this… again I will let you know my thoughts.

I don’t regret buying this limited edition box at all! I will get use out of all the products and I may just have to take the plunge and buy the Sisley mask if I like it! X

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