Favourite Winter Nail Varnishes

This time of year it’s all about the darks and reds when it comes to nails. I love the Essie polishes and Sinful they apply great and are quite chip resistant.

I love this dark colour called luxedo it’s great for nails just with a little bit of nail so not long but not super short either. Quite chic… pain to remove though lol.

These reds I love as they’re quite festive, they look the same but one is a little darker I promise haha the one on the left is called forever yummy and the one on the right is fishnet stockings.

To vamp up the dark or red i love these glitters. Gold (V.I.P) and silver (Cosmic) make any nail polish have that Christmas vibe.

This polish is quite sheer it’s called not just a pretty face can be built up to make the colour on the bottle but it goes on quite a nude pink, perfect for when you can’t decide what colour to have but want something on your nails.

I have all about my at home manicure on my blog, just search manicure in the search bar and it will take you straight to it. (I haven’t figured out how to link old posts yet…)

Hope this has been helpful if you’re on the look out for some nail polish colour ideas 🙂 x


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