Month: December 2016

New Year, New Me?

We have all said it, we have all thought it… and we have all heard it said by someone else and rolled our eyes. Its the cliche of the a New Year. This Year will be my year… Or will it be the same as every other year? (Lets hope for all our favourite celebrities – if there even any left?? That 2017 is better than 2016..)

As horrible as 2016 was for celebrities, it wasn’t a bad year for me. It had ups and downs but no different to any other. I am sitting on my sofa (well perched on my side as my coccyx is bad today) typing this and feeling pretty grateful for what I have and achieved this year.

For one.. I have my beautiful son, and my god he is amazing in every way. He has his moments and can throw a paddy that would make even Satan wince haha especially if he can see unmelted butter on his toast. He started nursery though and has loved it, he’s not socially awkward like me so I think he is winning at life better than me so far!

I have my modest house, a car… and a family that I would choose, I am not sure a lot of people could say that. Without my family, more so mum and dad I wouldn’t of been able to deal with the anxiety I have sometimes, I say sometimes because I have more good days than bad and thats something I couldn’t say at the beginning of last year. It has never stopped me being a great mum though. There I said it… I AM A GREAT MUM! I doubted myself a lot and still do at times.

So that leads me onto my ”resolutions”

  1. Wake up and be grateful every single morning.
  2. Not give a sh*t on other peoples opinions.
  3. Look after myself a bit more.
  4. Spend less time on my phone.
  5. See as many concerts as possible.
  6. Drink a lot more water and eat healthier.
  7. Do more Yoga.
  8. See friends and family often.
  9. Do more of what makes ME happy and not feel guilty about it.
  10. Complete my facials course and start doing nails again.

So as you can see I am not trying to be a new me, because why would I want to be New?? I have a pretty good life and I just want to better myself, mainly I just want to chill out, I need to chill out!!

Hope you all have a lovely New Year and let me know your resolutions if you have any. xx