Winter Essentials 

Winter is the season for jumpers, fluffy socks and cosy nights in. We all have to go about our lives especially if you have kids and go to work. You have to battle the cold and have scarfs and hats on.

As much as I love all those things it can play havoc with your skin. I always try and drink lots of water when it gets colder as I tend to drink more tea, lattes and hot chocolate. I always try and avoid caffeine too as this doesn’t agree with me. Drinking water is key all year round and it’s something I have really stuck to this year.

Oils, any oils.. coconut, argon… literally any oil. I use it on my face in the form of facial oil, de stress oils, lavender oil.. you name an oil and I’ll have a use for it lol. I find oils so hydrating in winter and find they play a key part in keeping my skin smooth and dry skin free and rubbing oil into the cuticles for a little treat. Oil for the hair too… the L’Oréal extraordinary hair oil is incredible and recommend it.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, it’s no secret I love this I have used it for years and have tubes of it dotted around the house and in my bag. It’s perfect to keep lips soft and smooth, rubbing in the cuticles and any dry patches… for anywhere. It’s an amazing all round product in winter.

Fluffy socks, ideally Christmas themed ones.. I don’t think I need to explain this one… right? Lol.

Candles… oh my the candles.. any candle but ideally a festive spicy scent is perfect for the winter season. I love my houses (in my main picture) they make my living room feel so cosy! 

Christmas Jumpers, I am one of those people that start wearing Christmas jumpers from the 1st December, and they are an essential for me in Winter.


18 thoughts on “Winter Essentials 

    1. Fluffy socks are the best I’ve just popped some heel genius on my feet and popped some fluffy Christmas socks on haha.
      I’m also in fresh pjs that say glitter is my favourite colour haha ready for a sofa day with my little man watching Christmas films xxxxxx


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