Byron Bay Gel Cleanser


After discovering the skincare brand Byron Bay on Instagram and reading up about the natural ingredients I couldn’t resist treating myself on the Black Friday sale. I wasn’t sure where this would fit into my skincare routine as been using the No7 gel cleanser in the morning and a balm in the evening or my LE cleanse and polish but oddly enough this has fitted in quite nicely. It’s great for the morning it wakes me up and makes my skin feel so clean and fresh. I use it in the evenings when I’ve had a no make up day or I’m being lazy and it’s a quick swipe with miceller water, wash with this, an oil and bed. (I know… that’s me being lazy)

It contains tea tree and willow herb too so great for blemishes and I’ve been having a few stress breakouts last couple of weeks. Cleared them right up though.

Only downside it does make my skin a little dry but nothing too extreme and I think it’s because I’m used to balms or creams. I am a definite gel cleanser convert though as tried 2 in the last month that are great! This wins hands down though (sorry No7..) this Cleanser works best for my chin area though as that’s where I get breakouts mainly. 

If you like natural products and nice packaging this is certainly a brand to look at! X


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