Aduna and Byron Bay Skincare

Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail saying I had won an amazing competition that Aduna and Byron Bay Skincare were running, I rarely enter these competitions as I never win. I have made my love for Byron Bay Skincare no secret as I have fallen in love with their Gel Cleanser. To win this bundle was the perfect Christmas present. I thought I would share my thoughts so far on the products I received, and I may do individual posts on some products.


Lets start with the Aduna powders I received, I had my eye on these powders as was looking for a natural product to add to my smoothies, or just healthier alternatives. The Aduna Moringa Powder is a green superfood made from the leaf of the moringa ‘miracle’ tree. I added this to my green smoothie as soon as I received the package and this morning. It doesn’t taste bad (although to be fair I haven’t yet made a green smoothie that made me upset when it was finished haha) however, I added a teaspoon of this powder. To see the ingredients and check all the powders out go to

The Baobab superfruit powder I haven’t yet tried but claims to be energizing so I think I will be using this after the festive season and getting me back to work. The third powder is the super cacao, this looks like cocoa powder but I assume a healthier alternative haha, I am going to try this tonight with Almond milk. I think I will do a separate post on these powders once I have tried them properly.

Right, now….. I received in the bundle a Gel Cleanser which went straight into my back up box for when my one runs out, I kissed the bottle haha I have a blog post about this and use this on my chin in the evenings when I have breakouts. Also in the box was the hydrating lotion, exfoliant and mask, lipbalm, hand wash, blemish gel and the shampoo and conditioner.

The blemish gel has tea tree and willow bark (the same as the cleanser) which will be great for my next breakout although thanks to the gel cleanser my skin is doing well at the moment, the hydrating lotion was amazing when I used it, smells incredible as has Davidson plum and hempseed in, and a little goes a long way! The lip balm is coconut oil and cocoa butter and made my lips smooth. The handwash I havent tried yet.

I used the exfoliant and mask last night when I had a pamper up and was really nice, I used as an exfoliant, washed it off then applied some more as a mask. My face feels so smooth this morning and it smelt amazing. It contains Jojoba oil and Lychee shell.

I mentioned before I have been using the Head and Shoulders shampoo and it is really working for me, however, I wanted to try the BB shampoo and conditioner, thinking it being natural probably wont be overwhelming. They are good though, peppermint and tea tree so made my hair smell and feel so fresh!! My hair is certainly more shiny and was easy to manage after using the conditioner which I left in for 10 minutes. Also with these a little goes a long way, the shampoo lathered nicely and the conditioner coated my hair root to tip nicely.

I am not just saying I love these products because I won them, I wouldnt say I liked a product unless I really do. I like that the products are 100% natural and for every bottle bought a tree is planted. The gel cleanser is certainly a staple and I really hope they never discontinue it! (Please dont Byron Bay! Lol) xx



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