Our Christmas Day

Another Christmas over, seems I forever count the days down until the festive time for it to be over so quickly. Once Boxing Day is done I have the urge to take the tree down and feel sorry for myself I have to wait so long to put it back up haha.

This Christmas was lovely, very relaxed. We spent the Friday with James’ brother which was really nice, had dinner and a few presents. Christmas Eve we headed to James’ sisters and spent some time there to see them and our niece. Always lovely catching up with James’ sister as don’t see her as much as we should! We have promised each other this will change in the New Year!


Christmas Eve evening was perfect, Jacob opened his Christmas Eve box which had a book, chocolate, reindeer food, Santa plate, new PJs and Finding Dory Dvd in. We got ready for bed, read the book, set everything out for Santa and chilled and watched Finding Dory… and wow is it emotional?! Haha I cried so much. Hormones at large haha.

Once my little man was in bed, I set his presents out under the tree… Cried a bit more (there seems to be a theme here doesn’t there lol) I then drank the milk and ate the cookies… I know.. no shame!


In the morning, Jacob woke up and the first thing he said was Happy Christmas Mummy, Jakey opened his stocking in our bedroom and was excited by the bubbles, chocolate coins and other random bits. We then went downstairs to see if Santa had been. Jacob was so excited and he tucked straight in and got more and more excited with every present opened. When all the presents were opened and the front room looked like a scene from hoarders we tidied up a bit to make room to play. After breakfast Jacob and I got ready and James got ready for work. We then went to my mums and James went to work.

Jacob and I had a lovely time at my mum and dads, missed James so much though but he popped up to see us Boxing Day morning. We ate lots of food…and chocolate. I went to bed quite early after our little walk Jacob was so tired so thought I should sleep too haha. The mood was a little somber though after finding out the tragic news about George Michael, my mum completely idolises George and I have grown up listening to him, I listen to him all the time still and very lucky to of seen him live in concert. Special memories were made those nights. Just hope he is resting in peace now. My brother, his wife and my niece came round to my parents on Boxing Day and we had another Christmas Day, lots of giggles, reminiscing and playing with Jacob and Chloe!

Overall it was another amazing Christmas with family!! We were all very spoilt, I got a lot of Lush, Nuxe and make up! Very grateful to have the people I have around me!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas – Sorry for the long post! xx

9 thoughts on “Our Christmas Day

    1. Thank you, our Christmas Eve box was a lot more modest than some I have seen… I felt a bit bad for mine being so boring haha. He loved it though which is the main thing, has made me realise I need to not go so over the top with presents next year haha our house is like a Toys r us storage unit. Hope you had a lovely Christmas xxxxxx


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